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(512) 269-0019

Beth said

This number calls continuously. They never leave a message.

(512) 651-0043

DK said

Me too... Over & over

(512) 942-0031

Will B said

Received call from this number on our cellphone. No response when we answered the call.

(512) 703-0482

Al said

Terrible customer service. Ugly strippers. Tried to con us into paying threatened to call cops. Don't call this number they will only try to rip you off

(512) 823-0143

VON said

They call almost every day and asked for our president (they have his name). I just send to his voice mail.

(512) 942-0026

NANA said


(512) 766-3302

Andrea said

This man is a con artist and scammer. He will waste your time and cost you money. His address is 941 Hester crossing round rock texas. Other numbers this thief uses are 512-589-6422 and 512-589-1858 and 512-766-5935. He will lie and say he has work for you then you get there and he robs you of time and money.

(512) 794-0009


this is from jenny craig

(512) 518-1886

Trent said

Fakes ruined our party. Came to door and were gross.

(512) 298-6085

Will said

Con Artists. Fake photos.

(512) 876-0086

K said

Keeps calling a friend of mine and myself and asking who we are. Both of us ended up blocking them.

(512) 269-0018

Dallas TEXAS said

I'm getting many calls from this number...WHO IS THIS ???

(512) 994-0260

Ben said

Scammers. Beware. Bait and Switch. Leave upon payment, with no services rendered.

(512) 848-0099

Bob said

Called me and I don't know who it is.

(512) 823-0143

annoyed said

A woman called my workplace from this number...I answered our phone only to hear her having a conversation with a co-worker. I actually thought it was a recorded message. When I finally said Hello, she started talking to me and asking for the CEO. When she did not get the answer she wanted, she said she would send an email. If I was hiring her to make cold calls, I would fire her.

(512) 430-0111

h said

I have received 3 and 4 calls for the past 3 evenings from this number calling about every 2 to 10 minutes.

(512) 823-0143

mad said

Missed call from this number at 7am, called back and it was answering service. Missed a another call from this number, called back just rang and rang

(512) 539-0084

Thomas said

I received a call from this unknown caller today. Missed call no voice mail.

(512) 537-0114

Kristina said

Buying a dog

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