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(510) 906-2266

Terry said

"Julia" calling claiming I've been pre-approved for a loan.

(510) 525-0095

info said

It's a storage unit place in Berkeley, CA

(510) 370-1873

Elizabeth said

"This is Josh from the customer service department, can you hear me ok?" "Ok, you have been selected... " something something about a holiday I hung up, robo call, not human.

(510) 370-1876

S said

Number appeared as a call from Hayward, CA. Did not answer since I do not know anyone from Hayward and did not recognize number.

(510) 370-1876

Jonathan said

Another call... You have won blah blah cruise blah blah *click*

(510) 370-1876


Please do not call again! Thank you!

(510) 370-1876

Jonathan said

"You have won a cruise to the Caribbean..." *click*

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