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(503) 372-0099

jnghfd said


(503) 281-0038


Two calls, no message left

(503) 743-0106

Annoyed said

Real estate business that refuses to comply with do not call registry. I've politely asked them to quit calling several times, but they continue (great way to get business??) Please take the time to report ALL calls that violate if you are on the do not call registry.

(503) 743-0080

Zeke said

Got a text from saying to text this number. Looks super sketchy, do not trust.

(503) 743-0106

Jodio said

I got two robo calls today. Sold our house three months ago. In this electronic era it should be easy for them to see what sold and what hasn't.

(503) 743-0106

Kathryn said

I blocked their calls but then it leaves a voicemail for me to clear every day for months. they start speaking and are referencing our old address, we dont even live in the state anymore and the house sold 2 years ago. Wish i could stop them but the number doesnt work.

(503) 743-0106

Rocky said

Kept calling trying to get me t let them get involved in a home sale transaction. They would call at 7 in the morning at times. Never gave a name or any information. Just lot of questions. Sounded like a scam, trying to get home information.

(503) 743-0106

Call center said

Call center but they didn't leave message but I heard lots of talking in background of voicemail that began recording

(503) 508-0239

Kel said

Message was left, Gave his name, but not what he was calling about or why

(503) 960-0010

Joey Lucero said

They are fake ads posted by Joey Lucero in Portland. ...its how he harasses people when he gets their phone number he starts posting a lot of items at ridiculous prices and blows up your phone...he lives at 5859 se Harney Dr in portland

(503) 960-0010

Craig said

This phone number has many listings on craigslist Portland. A Dodge Mini Van for very cheap, Two bicycles, and assorted home goods. Very strange!

(503) 960-0010

James Campbell said

I have received many harassment calls from this number over the last three days about a lamp from Juan Barrera Lighting. It cost me $350 but it was never shipped. When I called Juan to discuss the matter he became hostile. When I hung up started calling and texting terrible things to my phone. I have reported him to the police but he just keeps calling and texting. This is not a good individual to conduct business with.

(503) 900-0014


Constantly calling

(503) 922-0129

Lynn said

They called, when I answered there was no one there and they hung up.

(503) 404-0003

Sally said

YES!! Many calls every day - I answer and no one is there, I hear noise in the background or just a hang up. Today a woman's voice hummed a few notes, then hung up. It is 503-404 and a variety of numbers for the next four. It always says, "Beaverton" or "West Linn". They call at 6:30 am and it continues throughout the day. I have blocked and blocked, but it keeps coming up with additional final 4 digit combinations.

(503) 403-2665

uni said

got 8 calls today from this number. nobody on the other end

(503) 456-0021


The message read this I the internal revenue service, please do not ignore this call, call back immediately and when you call back there is a recording that says leave a message

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