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(424) 226-0006

HLS said

Called did NOT say ANYTHING???

(424) 226-0006

pogo55 said

Phoned no message

(424) 226-0006

Sun said

Got a call from this number and person didn't talk at all . Early morning and it's quite scary .

(424) 369-9016

Jonathan said


(424) 240-0015

Adam said

Added me to Instagram and she's from SoCal and I live in Ottawa Ontario Canada I have know idea who this is

(424) 702-1455

Jonathan said

Got a call from this number this morning. Caller ID came up as "AUTO PARTS" (so not a company name). The lady said she was from eBay and was calling because I had called eBay. I told her I hadn't called eBay (I haven't ever called eBay) and she said "where do you think I got your number?". (Me thinking 'your autodialler'!). I hung up. Presumably some scam; I didn't get far enough to know what kind.

(424) 233-0051

Efrem said

They called my cellphone multiple times this morning but never left a message. I'm ignoring this caller.

(424) 644-0004

Save Children Worldw said

we didn't know who this number was until she showed up with love and Christmas presents for all (every one of them) kids in our facility, we are a humble facility and this amazing woman made Christmas come true for so very many kids such a blessing to know this beautiful woman such a blessing

(424) 644-0004

Ryan Stone said

this is the BEST MOST BEAUTIFUL Person/Organization in the World!!

(424) 217-0154

tee said

I get alt of text from 4242170154 please tell me who it is? Thank you tressa hermosillo

(424) 235-0261

Sweetz said

Then number called I answered and held the line for at least 30 secs stating hello, but no one ever came to the line it was just dead air and then soon a disconnecting signal.. just weird...Does even one know if it has something to do with a travel agency or signing up for free trips?

(424) 835-0025

strange craigslist t said

Odd text in early morning, stay away

(424) 835-0025

COLT said


(424) 233-0015

babybear said


(424) 835-0025

GodHatesU said

This is a spoofed number being used for financial internet fraud.

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