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(419) 509-0381

Jonathan said

"It's urgent that you contact us immediately to lower your interest rates"... spam.

(419) 482-1365

Thomasguide said

I have not received a call from the number but it was given to me by some person (supposedly a girl in Downey California on Flirichi. Lots of people here from Ghana.

(419) 610-0025

private said

I don't know who this phone belongs to yet, but I am a manager at McDonalds and I would not replace his food until he brought it back, so he kept calling the store and harassing me and cussing me up and down several times. Finally I told him I contacted the police and they were on their way to make a report and he finally stopped calling then. The harassment went on for nearly an hour.

(419) 482-1369

Ellen said

I have gotten three phone calls from this numbers three times on November 14, 2014, 12:49pm, 2:54pm and 5:04pm. This number is in Perryburg, OH. There was one message on the machine about some political thing, and to call my Senator, or press 1 now (if I answered the phone). I have no idea what the ad message was even about, except they were babbling about jobs. There were two messages from another phone number 440-219-0061, Elyria, OH, 12:44pm, and at 2:51pm, so I have no idea which number this one message came from, but they certainly did not need to call numerous times. I get suspicious about callers when they call multiple times, but do not leave a message.

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