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(417) 501-0091

Ashley M. said

Got same message with 681430756@tmomail as header, wanted to reply chat from bad girl. Dont reply! My friend did and got spammed! Call happened on 12/30/14.

(417) 501-0091

Sharon C. said

asking for reply to your bad girl, deleted. Happened to my sisters phone same day in Dec 14.

(417) 501-0091

pushkin said

hi I was hoping we could chat a little:) let me know if you got this message ok, please text me at 417-501-0091 thanks hon :) talk soon..from your BadGirl

(417) 501-0091

Theresa said

Wants to chat.

(417) 501-0091

fay said

are you busy now? can you text me or later when you get a min?

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