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(417) 855-0082

Niki said

It was given to me by a friendnumber

(417) 232-0034


Missed call, no message.

(417) 855-0079

Kay said

I was on a dating site when he contacted me. He said his name was Steve. He wanted to meet for a date. I said okay but the first time he asked he apparently didn't have the time to drive as it was 1 1/2 hour drive. The second time he contacted me was today. He wanted to meet again tonight but said he would try to work it in because he had to take his daughter to dinner and graduation tomorrow. He didn't contact me again and when I tried to contact him he didn't answer. Got on the dating site and all his information and our conversation on there was gone. So typed in his telephone number and came up with the information that said he was a sex offender. Then saw this site and decided to send in the information.

(417) 232-0034


When I answer they say that they're from some cruise line and they ask if I can here them okay. At that point I just hang up.

(417) 733-0218


"Hung up"

(417) 232-0034


I've gotten several calls from this number an they never leave a message.. When I answer it rings back like I'm calling them so I just disconnect the call... Aint got time for that

(417) 543-0094

msluvbug40 said

Don't know who this is

(417) 501-0091

Ashley M. said

Got same message with 681430756@tmomail as header, wanted to reply chat from bad girl. Dont reply! My friend did and got spammed! Call happened on 12/30/14.

(417) 501-0091

Sharon C. said

asking for reply to your bad girl, deleted. Happened to my sisters phone same day in Dec 14.

(417) 330-0003


won a trip and trying to verify

(417) 522-0040

michelle said


(417) 751-0034

perron said


(417) 741-0071

Debbie said

Just trying to find out who this number belongs to.

(417) 232-0029

bb said

who is thios

(417) 501-0091

pushkin said

hi I was hoping we could chat a little:) let me know if you got this message ok, please text me at 417-501-0091 thanks hon :) talk soon..from your BadGirl

(417) 501-0091

Theresa said

Wants to chat.

(417) 501-0091

fay said

are you busy now? can you text me or later when you get a min?

(417) 374-0001


No message hang up.

(417) 224-0049

WTF? said

Called and a special agent picked up?

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