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(417) 232-0034


When I answer they say that they're from some cruise line and they ask if I can here them okay. At that point I just hang up.

(417) 733-0218


"Hung up"

(417) 232-0034


I've gotten several calls from this number an they never leave a message.. When I answer it rings back like I'm calling them so I just disconnect the call... Aint got time for that

(417) 543-0094

msluvbug40 said

Don't know who this is

(417) 501-0091

Ashley M. said

Got same message with 681430756@tmomail as header, wanted to reply chat from bad girl. Dont reply! My friend did and got spammed! Call happened on 12/30/14.

(417) 501-0091

Sharon C. said

asking for reply to your bad girl, deleted. Happened to my sisters phone same day in Dec 14.

(417) 330-0003


won a trip and trying to verify

(417) 522-0040

michelle said


(417) 751-0034

perron said


(417) 741-0071

Debbie said

Just trying to find out who this number belongs to.

(417) 232-0029

bb said

who is thios

(417) 501-0091

pushkin said

hi I was hoping we could chat a little:) let me know if you got this message ok, please text me at 417-501-0091 thanks hon :) talk soon..from your BadGirl

(417) 501-0091

Theresa said

Wants to chat.

(417) 501-0091

fay said

are you busy now? can you text me or later when you get a min?

(417) 374-0001


No message hang up.

(417) 224-0049

WTF? said

Called and a special agent picked up?

(417) 751-0025

Honda rob said

Just got a reply text to an ad on my wood stove from this number. Same thing.offer of 50 dollars over asking price with an Ash Grove MO cashiers check. Glad I didn't send name and number

(417) 751-0025

Moonstone Mary said

Just had the exact same thing happen to me I was suspicious when he offered me a cashiers check for $50 above my asking price without seeing the frig for sale. Plus it being out of town land line. So I am texting him back that I'm only interested in cash, in person sale. Thanks. Glad I checked before giving name & address as he requested. Craigslist just brings out the ID thieves, why I don't use too often.

(417) 751-0025

D said

Received a txt for an add I had on craigslist. Just repeating what I had for sale. No questions, no offer, just a copy of my add.Hmmm?

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