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(415) 802-2979

Ruff said

Jonathan - If calling and hanging up is nasty, then yes! My caller ID said ALLSTATE. I answered at 7:37 pm, thinking I would say "do not ever again call me at home, especially during dinner hours!" But the hung up. They called two nights ago, but I did not answer and got no message on my voicemail box.

(415) 669-5685

My_Oh_My said

SPAM! I have a Sprint phone. If I call this number I get a warning this is spam and the option to report it and block it. Do both!

(415) 810-0124

Aka said

Got call from this # in reply to my CL ad about missing it in SF. Said they actually "live in Lafayette." Kinda sketchy. Said they were a "she" but they would give any further info yet wanted me to move in with them and "ghost write" their memoirs...WTF?

(415) 871-0017

Ed said

Called left no message

(415) 325-0033

nocalllist? said

calling all the time numerous different numbers same crap. to bad land lines don't let you block numbers (seeing no call lists don't help)

(415) 326-0122

Natasha said

Yes! I got a "hey gorgeous" text. Seems creepy.

(415) 326-0122

Jasmine said

Anyone getting odd texts from this person

(415) 325-0033

no said

everyday calls, really I have caller id if you don't let me know who you are I don't answer

(415) 946-5707

Mae said

Oh my these guys need to stop calling. Multiple calls over multiple days while i'm out no message.

(415) 946-5707

Steven said

Keeps calling at 8am. No message.

(415) 325-0033

Unwelcome Harrassmen said

I get numerous calls from this company, under at least 12 different numbers, why have they been given my number and how are they still in business?! Can someone crash their system already?! (Not saying I, ir anyone I know, will)

(415) 871-0017

Gin said

claimed to be pg&e, voicemail states only "Hector"

(415) 599-0015

Cliff said

Claims to be government unemployment assistance out of California. Why the are calling NH I don't know. When questioned began swearing and calling me names. Very foul mouthed. Why can't this sort of thing be stopped??

(415) 802-2987

Don said

Do Not answer your phone or call back. Its a scam. File a complaint with your local police dept.

(415) 325-0033

PissedOff said

How are these dick knuckles getting away with this? I've got calls from several different numbers, scams for this, and scams for that. The government isn't good for much but they should be doing something with these degenerates. Who knows how many elderly they've been able to exploit? Anyway, call from this number, didn't answer, two second vm, no content.

(415) 325-0033

Andy said

These are legalized criminals existing off government welfare under the guise of servicing the economy by collecting on bad debts. 1. You work and unwisely go into debt 2. You have a medical problem that disables you. 3. Your debt holders charge off your debt. 4. For charging off their loss they get corporate welfare handouts from the government. 5. Then they sell you debts and private personal contact information to 3rd parties. Those 3rd parties often resale your contact information to all comers without vetting legitimacy of the buyers of your info as revenge. 6. The so-called debt collectors are often lawyers and judges who use their friendship and legal knowledge to abuse you. 7. Best solution: bankruptcy, change phone # to invalidate their databases, Panasonic KX-TGE233B

(415) 948-9475

Kev said

Got this call today. Was about to answer it but was a little skeptical. But no message.

(415) 475-0029

Timmy said

This is a scam, autobot claiming to be the IRS, don't fall for it!!

(415) 655-0003

boo said

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