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(413) 424-0021

annoyed said

A pre-recorded message: "H1! my name is Joe and I am a representative for...fades out, then...can you hear me? Hung up! BIG TIME SCAM...DO NOT SAY ANYTHING!

(413) 424-0021

Mike said

Same as Ben, three calls back to back that I didn't answer. 16Feb2017 7:18 PM

(413) 424-0021

ben said

They just called me back to back 3 times i didnt answer

(413) 424-0021

Marie said

Called on 11/25 a women saying she was a finacial advisor. This number has called me on 3 different time. When i said i never signed up for this and i was not interested she hung up.

(413) 424-0021

Sal said

called me at about 1045am. did not leave message.

(413) 424-0021

Beth said

Just called my cell phone, didn't pick up, was in next room so I didn't hear it ring....so I looked it up online and found this site. What is this all about?

(413) 424-0021

Scam Investigator said

This is a scam if you get a call from this number HANG UP, and report this to the police right away.

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