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(404) 836-0089

RB said

Medical Alert sales people. Call every. single. day. I have them on autoblock.

(404) 341-0045

JimmyHM said

When they try to sell me a "free" home security system, I get excited and tell them to sign me up. I have the address for the local police department stored in my phone and give it to the salesman as the installation address.

(404) 341-0045

Fk this said

I answered the phone because this number is local to me and I've been looking for a job. The guy said he was giving out free alarm systems from ADT. I told him I'm not interested take me off your list. He called me a bitch and hung up on me. I've blocked this number, I can see the number in my log that it called.

(404) 813-0063

Co said

Claiming to be SunTrust Bank

(404) 341-0045

Ps photos said

Called and hung up. When I called back. No answer, just music playing in the background

(404) 606-0099

Don't be a Sucker! said

They called my number too. They are running a computer program to check for working phone numbers, If you call them back, then your numbers is record and sold to other telemarketing services. Don't call them back!

(404) 341-0092


calling not saying a word

(404) 606-0099


same here. one ring on my cell phone and hung up.

(404) 341-0104

DiDi said

Don't know who this is but keeps calling leaves no message

(404) 606-0099

j said

called once on my cell and then hang up, I called it back from the land line and it hung up.

(404) 372-0010

Jonathan said

Thanks... maybe somebody is spoofing the number.

(404) 372-0010

United China Fund said

This number has been granted to United China Fund since 2013. Please ignore negative commments about this number if there were any.

(404) 606-0099

Bill said

This number called my cell phone once - one ring then they hung up.

(404) 519-0005

anna said

(404) 606-0099

amos_hart said

Called my cell phone, but "hung up" after first ring.

(404) 447-0108

pooh said


(404) 946-0049

joe said

(404) 439-0016

Cyn said

Who is this?

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