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(402) 256-0006

TO said

I am receiving multiple call's from this number, so I blocked it.

(402) 527-0002

Shelby said

(402) 512-6300

Jonathan said

Craigslist scammer - appears to be from another country trying to "pay" for my Craigslist item by PayPal without pictures, without seeing the item, without being here to pick it up... and from an area code in another state. Try again scammer!

(402) 628-0002


The said they are from RX Pharmacy and wanted me to update my information. I have never used them so when I told the lady that she said OK real quick and hung up on me.

(402) 859-0006


Have received several calls from this number but no one ever talk, they just hung up after I say hello several times.

(402) 256-0006

Amanda said

I received a call from this number and when I answered, they said it was regarding my "free cruise" that I received for doing a phone survey I'd completed. I did receive a call previously with an automated survey from 402-506-1694 but I hung up on it after hearing some of the random survey questions. When I received the second call from the number I am reporting, I asked them to remove me from the calling list but the guy gave me a rebuttal instead. I repeated that I wanted to be removed from the list and he said they would immediately. So very fishy.

(402) 859-0001

MamaOf3 said

I got calls from them too, tried to call back and it just said "to opt out of calls about this matter click 2" so I figured it wasn't important and opted out... Not sure of what but I opted out either way.

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