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(401) 279-0006

MES said

Same as all of the above. First call but a recording saying there were several complaints about me and to call a number. No identification what so ever. Hung up on them.

(401) 279-0006

Jane said

I called back and the person refused to identify the company or purpose of the call until I gave my name which I refused to do. Obviously a scam

(401) 279-0006

Stephanie said

I get the exact same message and request to call back 844-344-9797 from (608)291-3582.

(401) 279-0006

max said

I'm receiving the same bs calls from this number that leaves voice mail messages alleging there are claims against me and referring me to reply to 844-334-9797. Definitely a scam.

(401) 279-0006

Amy said

Said they have claims ahainst me? Really?

(401) 279-0006

Don said

They have been harrasing me for months told them they had the wrong number and they have increased calls becoming verbally abusive..

(401) 279-0006


No idea why this number is calling me, making claims that their office has claims against me. If an office had claims against me, I would expect a letter in the mail.

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