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(347) 630-0203

brbmca said

Didn't answer - message left was mostly cut off, only last part received which said 'press the number 2'! Very similar to one in Spanish I'd been getting until I blocked it!

(347) 305-0004


this number is listed on a windows start screen as Free Tech Support. When called there is no answer. Must be a scam, can't remove from pc

(347) 769-7937

ELizabeth said

Received a message from "chase" telling me that their system is down and I should confirm my info.

(347) 704-3831

Jonathan said

Spam offering a wireless security system - recorded message.

(347) 983-0129

Mimie Tan said

She sounds like from the West Indies territory under the name Mimie Tan.

(347) 983-0129

Fatboy said

Her name is Mimie Tan as she left me a voice message.

(347) 305-0222

joe scott said

said there was a warrant out for my arrest and I needed to pay them $2400 to make it all go away

(347) 305-0222

Gus said

Said that there was a tax fraud on my tax return and to call them back to resolve the fraud issue. so I called them back and got a hold of Marty Falls. asked for a badge number then a supervisor and he hug up on me and now he has blocked my number.

(347) 305-0222

Judy said

Said I was hiding from the IRS & needed to call them back immediately!!

(347) 305-0222

Yes I did said

Left me a message stating I was Hiding. I have reported this to the IRS Scam reporting agency.

(347) 305-0222

TRM said

Said that there was a tax fraud on my tax return and to call them back to resolve the fraud issue.

(347) 305-0222

joe said

said they was the irs and i was ripping off the us goverment and for me to call them back

(347) 305-0222


Left a message saying I was hiding from the federal gov.

(347) 305-0222


Said they was its and wanted 2000

(347) 985-0030

Gonzo said

that is Jack Dushey's #

(347) 305-0221

mary said

we just got the same exact message from this number, if somebody is going to sue me I think they'd put it in writing

(347) 305-0221

ghostlight said

I agree. Something very odd about this. Return number 📱 is not the number of origin and they say they're the IRS. REALLY?

(347) 305-0221

Eric said

Fraud Alert: Recorded Message "So before we go with legal matter and send this case to the local county court house kindly call us back on our number which is 347-305-0221. I repeat it's 347-305-0221. Thank you and goodbye."

(347) 993-0064

Kat said

I got a message at midnight from this person

(347) 408-0085

Dan said

Saw it was related to the IRS

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