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(334) 986-0064

cristy said

(334) 316-0036

Killet said

Bunch of cock suckers

(334) 316-0036


Caller asked if I could hear her. I could said YES and call ended. A recorded Yes Beware!!!!!

(334) 398-0134

Unknown said

No one can be pooped on

(334) 986-0007

Sherry Ishman said

They call and hang up. No message.

(334) 986-0103

Susan said

I'm getting a lot of calls from this number.. Don't know who it is.. I don't answer calls from unknown callers.

(334) 220-0018

Lily said


(334) 220-0018

boo said

hey me too! did they know when you followed the real page on ig?

(334) 220-0018

Bam said

Yes I did!! And they pretended to be Michael Jackson's nephew, Randy Jackson Jr.

(334) 986-0007

J said

Calls but says nothing.

(334) 544-0157

andy said

Want to know where this area code is located

(334) 803-0003

diana said

(334) 986-0007

Rona said

Phoned but left no message. Don't know, don't care, don't want any.

(334) 986-0036

William said

keep getting calls from this number

(334) 407-0123


Well why didn't you call it back & see what they wanted?

(334) 986-0007

Tina said

they keep calling and acts like they don't hear me

(334) 844-0163

Adrienne said

This is from someone on Auburn University's campus I believe. But I don't know who or what it's about.

(334) 316-0073

NYC said

One ring and hung up. No message. Won't bother calling them back.

(334) 316-0073

Julie said


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