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(323) 356-0005

Erica said

They try to FaceTime me all the time. I texted them to see who it was.... no response.

(323) 701-0304

Jonathan said

Solar spam

(323) 872-0675

Jonathan said

"You have been selected to receive a free cruise to the Bahamas..." etc.

(323) 574-0007

he he said

(323) 372-0142

Jorge said

Calling me that I owe money, saying I'm being sued. They only speak Spanish

(323) 505-0146

sun dance said

Can you get the correct address this number is associated with?

(323) 708-0162

Gita said

no I wanted to contact him and see if possibly he had another number as he was supposed to come and do some work for me to-day and has not shown up

(323) 843-0007

RC said

Have now received 2 calls from this number, no message. When I called it back to see who called, got a recording that it is not a working number & to please check & try my call again!!

(323) 892-0172

Mike said

Telemarketer, very rude agent. Won't stop calling us.

(323) 637-0062

Javier said

I just met this guy at the mall, and he is super ugly and has some type of disease. He didn't look anything like his picture online.

(323) 637-0062

Erick said

This guy has AIDS, and he's having unprotected sex with men in Montebello and near Cal State Los Angeles. Be cautious if you meet him on Adam4Adam or Grinder.

(323) 892-0225

Kay said


(323) 843-0007

JB said

Have received 15 calls from this number with no message.

(323) 247-0022

sp said

I have received 4 calls from this number. This person sounds like a pervert.

(323) 898-4092

angrygramma said

This is an illegal telemarketing call from some entity calling itself HOME ENERGY SOLUTIONS. If you call back you get a recording saying that. I can't find a contractor's license for this company or any listings on google. I think it is either a scam or an unlicensed contractor.

(323) 998-8607

Unwanted text said

Harassing with text

(323) 434-0036

Brittney said

Jonathan...Don't call back

(323) 434-0036

Brittney said

Jonathan...Don't call back

(323) 826-0224

billpay said

Crazy religious sociopath caller/texter.

(323) 819-0016

dee said

I just got a text saying who's this

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