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(320) 281-0024

anonymous said

Left no voice mail. Caller ID reads, "allstate insura."

(320) 631-0023


Its the jail if you owe a pay to stay bill. Collection Agency.

(320) 522-0038

Lola said

Yes who is it

(320) 282-0081

Jamie said

Got a call from this number called it back and it was out of service...

(320) 332-0129

Jo said

Who is this

(320) 270-0010

T said


(320) 288-0076

crystal said

I woke up this moorning the caller id had that exact number. i tryed texting but no response. am going to call and see what happens.

(320) 315-0033

Anita said

People plz don't fall for it. I almost did he never gave me any of his info and was always asking for the money. Bad English and claiming to be doing missionary work! Thank God for this website or I would of sent the money. Such a shame im so desperate to move I almost believed him.

(320) 315-0033


I guess every real estate scam scumbsgs seems to claim that they are missionaries or doing God's work......

(320) 315-0033

PDX House hunter said

Wanted me to send $2000 to get keys to a house I was supposed to rent site unseen. Plus spoke very bad English but supplied supposed pictures of of his 'ideal American family.'

(320) 315-0033

Morgan said

Bummer, I was so excited to move into the house he had listed. I knew it was too good to be true! Why can't people just be good humans?

(320) 315-0033

cab said

scamming me right now!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(320) 315-0033

CT Renter said

Definitely a real estate scam. It was listed with a property in Canton, CT.

(320) 210-0010

sam said


(320) 699-0003

Jacob said

He is the most wonderful man!

(320) 315-0033

Amanda said

I know this is for a real estate scam. BEWARE.

(320) 421-0064

dre said

stop calling me

(320) 390-0212

gj said

who the fuck is this calling me at midnight i dont know you bitch

(320) 403-0213

No tolarance said

Calls and leaves 2 minute msgs. Like a pocket dial.

(320) 579-0020

Mandy said

This call was a recording about my credit card being used in weird countries! I don't have a credit card

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