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(317) 246-0020


They said they were from some charity and they would be in the area. Wanted to know if I had non-perishable items, clothes, etc. to help the needy/homeless.

(317) 514-0018

Bob said

Someone at this number tried to order stuff online with my info. Scammer!

(317) 489-0002

None said

This number is for Inteliquote which provides life insurance quotes.

(317) 667-0007

B said

Who this?

(317) 657-0011

Bugged said

This number calls at random times over the past two weeks. Some at noon, some at 2:30, some at 5:30. I can get calls twice in the same day. I can do 3-4 days without a call. I never answer. This phone number is on a "Fake Info" site where someone has posted the number with false names and credit card numbers to see who is using it. On a whim, I call the number one night and blocked my calling number. An older guy, who was confused, answered the call. He had no clue his number was getting used. Don't answer this, it can't be good.

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