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(315) 307-0069

Cassandra said

Daniel contacted me regarding a $5000 loan. He says he's from Advance America and they're registered with the BBB and other reputable companies. He claims his company didn't work with any bank I named and I have to purchase gift cards to give him the numbers.He will then reveal a MCTN for me to pick the money up from western union. I didn't fall for it. I googled the phone number and the rest is history.

(315) 294-0129

Mimi said

Is he in the army?

(315) 294-0129

Mimi said

Is he in the army?

(315) 574-0071

JOE said


(315) 307-0069

Vonello said

This number is a scammer, saying hes calling from advance america to process a loan. He asked for my banking info, Daniel MarTin he says his name was

(315) 676-0049

jeb said

I answered, caller then hung up.

(315) 529-0146

Mike said

I have a lot of ads on craigslist. I use to get out of area texts from scammers. They have now smartened up a little and started using area codes in my surrounding area. They want to buy my stuff but want all of my personal info so they can send me a check or money order. Once you deposit it, they will empty your bank account!

(315) 636-0001

Anthony said

I got a call from them saying they were the treasury and that I owed the IRS money and that I'll be going to jail for 6 months

(315) 636-0001

James said

Said was treasury and IRS then got call from 911 twice saying they were sending officers to arrest me. I told em come get me, me and my 12 gauge will be here waiting

(315) 368-0183

Matt said

Yes i did rang 2 times and hangup

(315) 420-0063

photographer said

messaged me about doing nude photoshoot of him for his 'ol lady', offered $1500, started sending nudes and asking what I thought of them, telling me to tell him what poses to practice and that he would be in daily communication with me until the photoshoot. asked for my photo. told him to fuck off.

(315) 222-0001

jp said

called and hung up

(315) 294-0129

Vickie said

He is a scammer from POF AND AFF. Changes profiles but never changes pictures.

(315) 420-0063

Ally said

He's been pestering me about doing a boudoir shoot and he offered 1,500 and then 2,500 and sent me a nude video of himself after I repeatedly asked him not to. Looks like I'm going to share this with the public now.

(315) 258-1016

Jonathan said

Scam! Hang up!

(315) 420-0063

Oran said


(315) 420-0063

Jen said

I'm a photographer in NC and he sent me a text asking me if I do boudoir photography. I said no. He first offered $1,500 for me to do a private shoot for him. After a coupled of days he texted back asking if i want it to still to do and that he would give me $2,500. I declined nicely because at the moment I did not know that this was a spammer. He went by Oran.

(315) 445-0115

Moon said

This is a inside line to Special Funds in Dewitt NY

(315) 420-0063


I am coach - got a text from this number "he is a single man who think I can help him" -

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