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(314) 800-0113

Abby said

My mother got the same thing. But I told her to not bother. Schools normally pay for the ACT or SAT. So hopefully no one falls for it. I hope they call me. I got some words to say. lol.

(314) 852-3395

brando said

Sex chat

(314) 682-0006

Kay said

Thank you, I am blocking their number.

(314) 800-0113

Greg said

Got the same phone call with no one answering after I said "hello." They just hung up. No way am I calling them back!

(314) 682-0006

Chris said

Don't change the topic when you are the one being harass by them. You are probably the root of the problem. Better Business Bureau has been notified as well.

(314) 682-0006

chris said

My Attorney General in Washington State has been notified with this rent less call to me.

(314) 682-0006

chris said

I didn't know how nasty they can be if you don't reply back to them

(314) 775-0036

Kirkwood said

It is Suntrup Ford in Kirkwood.

(314) 800-0113

Kim said

It was a man saying something about a student loan for my daughter. My daughter hasn't been in college for years. Really strange!!!

(314) 775-0036

Tina said

Same here called me by name and said call back for great news did not mention who they worked for which is a huge clue it's a scam

(314) 775-0026


Left name of Dr with extension. message said "have good news for you" when i call that number it reroutes to Suntrup Ford

(314) 679-0009

jimbop said

got a call at 3:20AM. no message. some erotic site.

(314) 682-0006

Ann said

Maryville thirsty asses

(314) 800-0113

Chris said

Didn't say anything when I picked up the phone. Really creepy. I even called back & they answered and didn't say one word. They used to call so often until I blocked the number.

(314) 682-0006

Kara said

MSN Nursing. Wanted to look at the brochure, they make you put in your phone number. GR.

(314) 775-0036

Hello my name is said

Message left to call them back, they have great news!

(314) 775-0036

Denise said

Repeated calls asking me to call back because they have great news! Strange and I'm not calling back.

(314) 471-0089

Mick said

Answered then hung up. They have called 3 times today.

(314) 563-0042

Stan said

Two times yesterday. Two in a row today

(314) 819-0063

monica said

My caller ID said: megsinet?

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