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(313) 766-0091

K said

Female caller with last name Gold wanted to talk about bussiness matters

(313) 766-0106

kb said

December 2016, I've had at least 4 calls from this number this month. Every time I answer, there is silence. They haven't left a voicemail, though I don't know for sure if I've ever failed to answer this number.

(313) 766-0106

STEPH said


(313) 766-0082

Star said

I received a call from this number too. The guy said he works for a company named Convergence and his company was contracted by Comcast to call me and that he needed me to verify the last 4 of my social security number. I tried to find out what specifically he was calling for and he would not say and he started to sound frustrated by my refusal to give him info. So I hung up. But I knew it could not be a legitimate call because he called me on my work cell phone number but my Comcast account only has my personal number on it. Stupid idiot!! LOL

(313) 766-0061

Mom said

I get 5 or 6 calls a day from this number

(313) 766-0082


prank phone caller

(313) 766-0068

jo said

my mom gets calls from this number

(313) 766-0082

Don't Want To Say said

A guy named Annon called my phone wanting me to verify the last four digits of my so security number I refuse to do so and advised him to tell me what this call is regarding. He began to advise under federal law they are not at liberty to confirm what the call is until the Consumer verify their information, I refused because he was not willing to confirm the reason for his call but continued to try & obtain info from me. This is a form harassment, which is also against the law.

(313) 384-0020

J said

Investigator Miller. This ours somebody picking people up for child support warrants.

(313) 766-0062

CT said

Multiple calls. Never a message. Won't tell me the company or why they are calling. Sounds like a collection agency.

(313) 510-0005

scott said

called no answer just hung up

(313) 766-0070

Some guy said

Debt collector robo-call. "Press 1 if you are______. Press 2 if you need to put the phone down to get _______. Press 3 to call back later. Press 4 if this is the wrong number for ________." (Or something to that effect.)

(313) 766-0082

Annon said

Yeah some guy named Rob Burnett (?) called wanted my name confirmed, I hung up. Sounds like a collector?

(313) 766-0078

sam said

this in a recorded message that put you on hold for several min. the call on connection ids as nancy with convergent outsourcing (Advance america, which is also a payday loan rapist). the caller will not give information as to the reason for the call, (if you ask, are you a collection agency, no responce, violation of fed. law, call the FTC to fill complaint); however, demands personal info, before stating the reason for the call. Do not give any info, every peace your give them goes into a data base an after 15-20 call from diff. callers they have a package of info that can be used to take out credit in your name.

(313) 297-0001

Kandy said

Another VIOLATION of the famous "DO NOT CALL" registry !! Rang 3 times, then hung up. I NEVER answer an unknown number.....I just report them.......

(313) 766-0062

Chaz said

Multiple calls. Did not leave message. When I called the number they wouldn't tell me the company name. But they did say they "handle personal business" and asked me "if I received a letter". Sounds like a collections agency.

(313) 312-0241

Katie said

Talking about wanting sex and I don't know who this person is

(313) 389-0088

Toni said

Female with a heavy brogue Asked me what kind of car I drove and got huffy when I told her I wasnt interested and began to argue with me all the reasons why I needed to shut up and listen to her. Rude bi--h.

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