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(309) 298-0002

Kitty said

Just auto reject it

(309) 628-0015

MR said

Troll just calling, ignore.

(309) 628-0015

TheDeLay said

This number keeps calling and hanging up. If I don't say anything, they seem to stay on the line for a few moments. If I say anything, they hang up right away.

(309) 628-0015

Connie said

called number back, company named Santana Energy answered (in spanish)

(309) 628-0015

Kat said

Three calls from this number yesterday, one so far today. Wouldn't have answered or called them back regardless, but certainly won't after reading this. Wtf.

(309) 760-0002

Catz said

Just did and they have been calling for a week. Only voice mail they left was "hey". Annoying little morons.

(309) 628-0015

Kt said

I called back...spoke Spanish but said "you have wrong number" when I said "you keep calling me" he said"I have wrong number" This number continues to call my phone!

(309) 628-0015

Sam said

caller starts speaking Spanish and hangs up when I reply in English. today started responding in French. Blocked caller.

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