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(303) 351-0221

Mary said

I have received calls from this # several times. He wants to know if my property is still for sale. It is not and has never been. Fishing scam!!!!

(303) 209-0142

Christina said


(303) 351-0221

Mike said

Keep getting calls from this number during work hours. No details about what the call is about on voicemail.

(303) 351-0221

Roger said

Also received a call after 11:00 PM on a Sunday night from this number. 'Jim' also interested in some property. Phoned back the next morning and 'Jim' told me he did not call. VERY SCAMMY

(303) 351-0221

Gorge said

1:30 am telemarketing realestate

(303) 351-0221

Rachel said

Got a message at 11:00 pm on a Sunday night from this number. "Jim" is interested in some property I have to sell? Gives me a toll-free number to return the call... Feels scammy

(303) 351-0221

Greg said

Keep getting calls from this number. Call back no one answers??

(303) 901-0151

rc said

Bitch is a hooker with hep c and aids. Loser thief bitch

(303) 501-0103

brian said

just says the number & "United States"

(303) 794-0080

marfa said

Unwanted call

(303) 731-0220

tac said

Received call but did not answer because I was away from my phone. No message left which is always a fraud clue. Checked out this site to see the other reportees.

(303) 338-0156

Rae said

This is comfort dental

(303) 731-0003

303-731-0032 said

(303) 742-0058

tree said

I got a message that sounded like a mumble but my phone transcribed it as "Good night" and I received the call at 9am.

(303) 351-0185

RFALLER316 said

same here. no msg left. said Sedelia CO.

(303) 209-0142

Megan said

I have received a call from this number, and I had no idea who they were!

(303) 731-0210

Pete said

Got a call from this number...left no message

(303) 484-0058

Scooby said

just got a call from voicemail

(303) 839-0015

Booatoo said

It's Kay jewelry

(303) 339-0089

GoAway said

Received a solicitation from Ben Maes in my ebay messages. usmexsolutions777 is supposedly selling liquidation lots from Macy's and Bloomingdales and used this phone number to contact him if interested. That's against ebay policies to solicit sales outside of the ebay community.

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