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(301) 951-0105

Joe said

I asked "what's that" and the caller hung up.

(301) 235-0031

louise said

calls and offers opportunities for employment very understanding and polite

(301) 232-0000

tiard said

Call no ansser then hag up. Time and time again.

(301) 637-0051

john said

a complete asshole

(301) 707-0064

Tony M said

Robocall from "Rachel at card holder services". They try to con you into thinking they are from your credit card company and want to lower your rates.

(301) 971-0028

Nick said

Calls and hangs up - spam.

(301) 971-0028

Justin said

This for VA loan refinance. They call constantly. Filed a complaint with the FCC because I'm on the national do not call registry.

(301) 836-0123

someone said

I received a call they did not identify who was calling, just said a claim was filed using my name, SS, and this phone number. Gave a 800 number to call so that I could verify this claim.

(301) 325-0031

Bobo said


(301) 971-0028

Ed said

2 calls today (2/13/15). No message.

(301) 836-0123


I keep getting calls about a claim filed in my name and their needing to speak to me or my authorized rep. They are asking for my SSN, but never do they identify themselves.

(301) 219-7589

Joan said

I received the same text message as Anon above at 1:01am on a Saturday morning. I didn't call either number or text back.

(301) 966-0072

Skeeter said

I just received the same text as those above. WZD8cb

(301) 966-0072

Bob said

I dont't have such an account, but I received the following text message Feb 1, 2015 @ 2:48PM (most definitely a SCAM because my wife received the exact same text about 15 minutes prior): fed choice Federal Credit Union ALERT: Your Visa Check Card #448380 is deactivated. Please call Card Services toll-free (301) 966-0072

(301) 966-0072


Sunday Feb 1, 2015 2:30pm. Text to my cell phone with this message "fed choice Federal Credit Union ALERT: Your Visa Check Card #448380 is deactivated. Please call Card Services toll-free (301) 966-0072" It's a scam, I don't have an account there.

(301) 966-0072

Said2 said

The same thing happened to me just like said mention. My bank will call not text!!!

(301) 966-0072


I received a text message saying my visa check was deactivated and asking me to contact this number. When I dialed this number, I was prompted to enter my credit card details. This is NOT the service number of my credit card provider.

(301) 966-0072

Tony said

Scam. Will probably ask you for credit or debit card details. Don't give it to them

(301) 966-0072

Taskforce said

This is a scam. Do not comply or respond.

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