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(270) 713-0006

John said

Aggravating calls from this number, filed complaint to do not call

(270) 775-0064


We get calls from this & additional numbers (same company) almost daily! We have repeatedly requested that this harassment stop! Going to report to the proper authorities! We have stated many times that we are NOT interested in their ceptic cleaning product!

(270) 469-0041


I'm SO glad I was this today. I met him on OKCupid and his name is Eric. OMG, what is wrong with him? I can't even begin to explain how mortified I am that this happened to me.

(270) 315-0100

home owner said

I recently had this guy do some work for me not knowing that he was a scam. his work was lousy and he didn't finish, he took $5,000 from me and disappeared and lied about being licensed and insured he introduced himself as a licensed contractor. I am trying to get more info on this guy so if you have any please let me know thank you

(270) 469-0041


I met him on okc as well. I felt like there was something sketchy about him so I googled his number, glad to see this before I gave him any more info! Be careful out there!

(270) 469-0041

anonymous said

How long ago did this happen to you? I've been texting with this guy for a week. I just figured out he's a fake and called him out on it. I would like to do something about this before someone potentially gets hurt. This guy said he was in california but I'm afraid he maybe local and could be dangerous.

(270) 469-0041


I got messages too. He said his name is Eric. Crazy!!

(270) 469-0041

Lizzy said

I met this guy on OKCupid...this is his number. He says his name is Eric. Do you know him?

(270) 469-0041

Anonymous said

Some psycho is on the other end of this number!!! Beware and do not provide any personal info to this guy! Some obsessive, scary freak that flips out if you don't give him the info he wants!!! Lady's beware!!

(270) 906-0054

Vanessa said

(270) 363-6211

Consumer said

Be careful!!! Saving a few dollars might cost you thousands? Check for insurance coverage etc...

(270) 315-0100

modern said

The number is owned by a local crooked painting contractor named Randy. Does poor work, doesn't pay his employees. Not sure why he is calling people, maybe the scumbag has a new telemarketing scheme.

(270) 267-0051

Hazel said

Getting calls from this number

(270) 775-0053

Liz said

I keep getting calls from this number and when I answer no one says anything.

(270) 468-3025

Pam said


(270) 595-0028

Richard said

This company spends more time harassing people than trying to collect money - Their an absolute ridiculous company that should have their license pulled ! If the idiots want to talk to Wes Cravens they should call Wes Cravens !

(270) 595-0028

Anonymouss said

just got a call from his number, no id dunno who it is, I won't answer non published unknown numbers. They left no message so they are sol.

(270) 685-0021

ju said

No. Just not familiar with the number

(270) 635-0091

Auntie said

This number is calling and will not leave a message.

(270) 957-0013

Vicky said

I received a strange text message from this number: Got this? I'm not opening that!

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