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(262) 261-0154

hwar said

I asked who is calling... then it appeared that the male caller hung up.

(262) 332-0074

george stachura said

attention you piece of crap.hope you choke and die on your comments.making me to be the enemy.I spent 8 months to help my mother to have a drug ass,jailbird destroy my relations with my mom.the prick christopher john stachura was a loser with a lengthy criminal record.she trusted a loser.

(262) 332-0074

george stachura said

you have no right to tell me to stay away from my mom. I was just trying to make ammends with my mom.I am not the drug addict or jailbird in the family.I have my rights. I wish I can treat you like shit like christopher and them did.I gave up alot to help them to be burned by them.

(262) 806-0078

Brianna said

They called and when I asked who it was, they hung up. This is the third call I've received from Burkington City, WI from different numbers and they all are the same deal. I will never answer a call from there.

(262) 912-0153

Bill said

Don't know

(262) 344-0051


Caller called me C*nt.

(262) 305-0199

Camo said

Did anyone find out the owner of this number? I have got a Alexander Wilson from Brookfield and Alexander Wison from Water Street in west bend.

(262) 806-0078

Boston Love said

Today, this number started calling. I didn't answer their 4 back to back to back attempts to call... They are very, very persistent. ..

(262) 703-1977

card33 said

claims to be Kohls. my account is current

(262) 577-0143

Clarrise said

Didn't answer but wondered whose number it was.

(262) 207-0057

kc said

Very rude man named Brad. Said his company was doing work in our area and before they finished, they wanted to provide us with a quote for any work we may want done. This is the second time I've received a call from this company. I use my phone for business and don't want it tied up with telemarketers. When I indicated that I am on the Do not Call list, he was very rude and said he wouldn't of called me if I was on the list, but he'd "take my word for it". I've been on the list for years, and re-verified that the National Do Not Call list is permanent and you do not have to re-register every 2 years. Obnoxious.

(262) 806-0078

evan said

when I ask who this is they just hang up on me does anyone know who this is?

(262) 806-0078

evan said

when I ask who this is they just hang up on me does anyone know who this is?

(262) 207-0057

Colin said

A extremely rude individual called and would not talk then asked for my parents by their name when I asked who he was he hung up.

(262) 804-0024

gumbo said

got calls from this number

(262) 709-0122

tammie said

Where is this job for

(262) 332-0074

Parker Anders said

Nice fella to deal with hope to see him again.

(262) 207-0057

Cece said

Very rude gentlemen called and was talking to someone on the other side. He would not answer me and then told me I kept talking over him. Then he ended the call by saying I am not talking to you and hung up on me. I called him back and then he told me not to call again.

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