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(253) 336-0190

Cheryl said

They called me and left a voicemail saying I had documents that needed to be delivered. I blocked the number.

(253) 336-0190


They leave a recorded message that says I have an important package for delivery and if I want it I have to call them back. They have called me everyday, 4 times each day, for the past week. They actually tell me the package is for my ex-husband who has nothing to do with me. Strange!!

(253) 336-0196

09/19/16 said

Just got a similar call from this number.

(253) 200-0018

Tacoman said

Missed a call from this number today. late morning call. didn't leave a message. No idea why they called. Think it is a robo-call or some other annoying telemarketer.

(253) 336-0196

PB said

Harrassing family members and refuse to send out debt validation. Threaten summons over phone to get settlement over phone.

(253) 336-0196

P said

I'm like a payday loan from 2011? They r crazy. Why would I pay a phantom debt collector over the phone. 50 of these companies claim they r collecting on the same debt. Then they keep threatening you with a summons for like 3 years straight. Figure it out. Anyway to get them off your back? It's like a broken record giving them your address 10 times and still never send anything. Police report for harrassment? Calling other family members. Wtf.

(253) 336-0196

P said

These are sick people.Totally incompetent. They leave messages to family members, "We need to deliver documents" same crap every call. Retarded. I tell them, even if I had a debt to you, send validation of debt to address morons. One year later same call. Nobody calls you to settle on phone anyways. I'm like deliver the documents then, otherwise stop fucking calling me... A payday loan from 5 years ago? Really?? Even in a chap 7 they harrass you.

(253) 335-0010

Michael said

Yes I received a call from the other side of this call and it was from my best friend. We did talk this morning because I called the number back. Thank you anyways!

(253) 200-0018

Kitty said

Harassment calls daily from this number almost everyday. Leave message in my cell. Fortunately,I don't know how to retrieve my phone messages. I don't have password and never is interested to avail of message in any of my phone. Crazy, bully have to tell my police friends and attorneys and have this guy taken cared of. So he will stop calling us.

(253) 336-0190

Bee said

What do they say

(253) 336-0196

Devon said

I received a call from them today saying I had a payday loan sent to my ex's account, Now why would I do that?

(253) 336-0196

OKAY... said

Ignore this number they're scammers. If you ever have a civil claim filed against you it won't come by phone message. I'm annoyed with this already.

(253) 792-5651

Penny said

Keeps calling.

(253) 230-0183

Sally said

Crazy pervert

(253) 655-0224

Pugh said

Just got a call today a recording, stating there was a arrest warrant in my name and to call them. Tracked the number, it comes from Washington State. These people don't understand how our justice system works. Warrants are issued by states, unless it's a federal crime, if you're in that kind of trouble the Federal government normally doesn't like to give you a nice warning call. They will show up at your door, just saying ;-)

(253) 655-0224

Paula said

I received a call from this number today, March 15, 2016. They left a voice mail saying they were from Internal Revenue Service and they had a lawsuit against me and I need to call back immediately

(253) 655-0224

Jasmine said

I received a call from this number and they said that I have a lawsuit against me from the IRS and that I need to pay over the phone and if I didn't I could get arrested. I immediately knew it was a scam because the IRS will never call you, everything would be sent by mail.

(253) 226-0011

AAGG said

I've recently received calls from this number, late at night, I found it very annoying.

(253) 507-0282

Vasiliy said

I got an image from him. I would like to find out who is he.

(253) 655-0119

Alyssa said

Getting multiple calls from this number everyday, no response when I answer. Doesn't leave a message if I don't pick up.

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