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(240) 593-0079

Wendy said

Got a hang up call from this number.. anyone else?

(240) 377-0285

Rick said

Keeps calling but leaves no message.

(240) 313-0099

Amanda said

Calling me

(240) 753-0171

240552164 said

(240) 313-0099

240-313-0099 said

What is this phone number doing?

(240) 688-0181

jb said

Yes!!!! I'm actively trying to get police involved for cyber harassment

(240) 481-0153

DM said

Got a text from this number saying "Heyy" (sic) on Xmas day 20414

(240) 821-0059

nike said

how call me

(240) 882-0124

max said

Who is the owner of this phone number? I keep getting calls from it.

(240) 292-0175

Tina said

That's hilarious, what an idiot.

(240) 292-0175

accountant said

I have received multiple calls, claiming to be IRS & daily hang up calls. IRS does not call people, they mail notices. They hang up now, but the rude guy mentioned tax debt, which I do not have, and possible jail time, if I didn't pay him. I asked the criminal if this was regarding tax year 2014, and when he said yes, tax years 2010 thru 2014, I could again see it was a scam. Tax year 2014 has not been processed for individuals yet.

(240) 292-0175

debbie said

I have been called from this number and when My husband called from a different number that they called, they hung up right away. They could not find his number in their system. I will be reporting it to the police. This is a scam.

(240) 292-0175

Margie said

I also received two day. 10/3/14 two messages from that number saying that they are from the IRS saying that I owed money which I don't I called my accounting ..its a fraud number please do not answer or give them any personal information you must notify the police and reported to them let me know what's going on in the area. do not fall for this scam any numbers from the area code 240 and happened to me from the 215 area code I called the police they told me that it is a scam

(240) 292-0175

GY said

I just got the call and demanded to know who this was. He gave me some ID # and told me I would get a local sheriff to deliver the complaint. This is the second time I got a call and so far no sheriff has shown up. I am going to contact the IRS about this number to check into it.

(240) 292-0175

Chief Thom said

I have been getting a series of scam calls and now adding this number to it. I know for a fact I do not owe IRS a penny; and I know that if they wanted to reach me they would not robo-call me from a machine...would be in person.

(240) 292-0175

Nelly King said

They had left a message on my phone that they were the IRS, and that we owed them back taxes. What a scam! Don't be fooled by those fraudulent people!

(240) 378-0246

sally said

I agree that its them. When you try to call the number back it says its not in service. I wonder how they do that

(240) 292-0175

sanja293 said

they said they are irs and that i owe taxes bacck to 2008 that i could be arrested ,,....its a scam, people

(240) 378-0246

Ethan said

I believe this number is the company Credit One, not sure if you have an account with them, but they will switch up lines like that so that people cannot identify them. I sent in payments on time and they still call to pester you about when is the next one be paid

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