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(239) 963-0019

james said

call is from drive time

(239) 910-0001


Just got a call from this number...couldn't hear anything. Then they called back...and very quietly I hear, "God you're fat".

(239) 603-0029

P said

Yes, it was from a guy who had a very heavy accent which made it difficult to understand. He asked if I had an electrical bill of at least 100$ once I said no he asked if I rented which I replied with a yes. He then said ok thank you for your time and hung up. total scam!!!

(239) 344-7855

jorge tapia torres said

This number is a fraud and extortion scheme Lic. Milagros Tapia Torres and Zuleika Santa Maria and Diana Rodriguez. Scam Alert current identity theft and blackmail. No reply or create than these people in this number is stolen. and uses the PHON. 800-958-9305, 786-507-8665, 305-508-5887, 209-817-8039, 305-921-0372, 239-344-7855, 310-341-0041 IS FRAUD Fraude Diana Rodrigues 310-341-0041 is fraude the name is fraude

(239) 288-0182

Cheryl said

Ask for a co-worker. ????

(239) 214-0021

no name said

nationol what?

(239) 216-0003

ice said

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