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(228) 349-0029

Lace said

Hahaha I got a call from this number called it back range twice hung up! Glad to know it's tricky county my daughter has appointment there haha

(228) 349-0029

Anna said

I keep receiving calls from this same number sometimes around 8pm. If you call back it rings 2 to 3 times and hangs up. It says it's from tri county eye clinic. We haven't been there in over fifteen years. You would think they wouldn't call us after that many years. I wonder if I can report that number?

(228) 349-0029

eye see you said

left a message. says it's from Tri county eye clinic. If it's who I think it really is, I haven't been to them in probably 15 yrs or more.. are they that bad off for patients?

(228) 217-0269

LC said

Got a call from this # no clue who it is.

(228) 349-0029

xxxxx said

If I get a call from this number again I will report it .

(228) 349-0029

Uknown said

Rings twice then hangs up.

(228) 349-0029

Anonymous said

I called it back. It rings twice and then hangs up

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