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(224) 441-0002


Just received a call from him too.

(224) 441-0002

Finbitch said

Well that what he called me when I didn't let him speak to my ceo. As a matter of fact...he hasn't been in the office in 16 years..he's spending his millions... the Loser didn't get it..stop calling

(224) 441-0002

Anniae said

This number belongs to Thomas Camarda, who works for He, big bag special man that he is, likes to use his personal cell to attempt to get thru (or, in my case, to tell me to "f^$k myself" when I won't let him thru with his outdated, fake info) after being told to place us on his DNC list. Have reported him to the FTC as well as my local and local Chicago law enforcement. I don't tolerate this type of BS behavior. Oh, and I contacted AT&T, who was not happy.

(224) 531-0014

J said

Message is about blood work and need to contact

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