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Liberals are idiots said

Intentions are much more important than results: Liberals decide what programs to support based on whether they make them feel good or bad about themselves, not because they work or don't work. A DDT ban that has killed millions is judged a success by liberals because it makes them feel as if they care about the environment. A government program that wastes billions and doesn't work is a stunning triumph to the Left if it has a compassionate sounding name. It would be easier to convince a liberal to support a program by calling it the “Saving Women And Puppies Bill" than showing that it would save 100,000 lives.

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Hitlery Clinton said

The past is always inferior to the present: Liberals tend to view traditions, policies, and morals of past generations as arbitrary designs put in place by less enlightened people. Because of this, liberals don't pay much attention to why traditions developed or wonder about possible ramifications of their social engineering. It’s like an architect ripping out the foundation of a house without questioning the consequences and if the living room falls in on itself as a result, he concludes that means he needs to make even more changes.

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mr t said

various scam calls seem to be relayed through this number

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Henry said

Who is this?

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Charlie said

Got a strange text from this number

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Concerned said

Said they were fop

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KB said

Who is this calling?? won't leave message.

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Seriously?!? said

IDK who this is but if it's that Psycho bitch Abby Van Etten I am gonna go nuts!

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Mr. ban said

So u still care about me

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Someone said

Kept getting texts from this number.

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what said

stop calling elderly people, you are scary and you are frightening the elderly!

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Lucy said

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