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(219) 728-5121

mr t said

various scam calls seem to be relayed through this number

(219) 762-0205

Henry said

Who is this?

(219) 819-0007

Charlie said

Got a strange text from this number

(219) 669-0229



(219) 462-0004

Concerned said

Said they were fop

(219) 558-0039

KB said

Who is this calling?? won't leave message.

(219) 916-0127

Seriously?!? said

IDK who this is but if it's that Psycho bitch Abby Van Etten I am gonna go nuts!

(219) 413-0093

Mr. ban said

So u still care about me

(219) 314-0084

Someone said

Kept getting texts from this number.

(219) 232-0007

what said

stop calling elderly people, you are scary and you are frightening the elderly!

(219) 926-0100

Lucy said

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