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(214) 347-0017

Unknown said

Got a call, don't know who it is.

(214) 612-0106

T said

Yes...i think its an aggressive debt collector

(214) 254-4735

Guest said

conartist stripper company avoid them ruined our weekend

(214) 254-4735

Ted said

Ripoff dont call this number you won't get what you think you are paying for

(214) 254-4735

Jonathan said

Backpage SCAM. this is a company according to who showed up and the girls took the money and ran they advertise as independent but are not they send you photographs but its not them one will be fat the other looks 50

(214) 522-0043

justin said

just a automated phone call and they never answer when I answer the phone.

(214) 475-0037

Martin said

This number is the human resources office for Checkers/Rallys. If you applied for a job with them, this is them calling back. I applied yesterday, just got a call and voicemail from them.

(214) 476-4323

Richard said

This is an Internet scam. Girls are not who they say they are. They do not match their photos.

(214) 382-0127

Jaymz said

Yes. Missed call. No message left. 04/27/2016

(214) 530-0033



(214) 447-0211

rhino said

that lady wanted to touch my PP

(214) 382-0173

Bob Rowland said

Yes and its about time it stopped. I am reporting the to the FCC Oil business Opportunity. Oil is at its lowest

(214) 900-0002

Beth said

Message said call was from ACA and referenced IRS getting involved if we didn't respond

(214) 900-0002

mickyg said

i got a call from that number and tried to call back - got a message that " I'm sorry, the number you have dialed is not a working number..."

(214) 447-0208

Mark said

Yes got calls from this number, almost daily. I finally took the call and found that they were advertising on some discount for homeowners mortgage. When they started asking for specifics, I would not give them, He basically did not want to further the call.

(214) 317-0067

jesse said

Crazy as in what exactly made the calls seem crazy. What happened

(214) 530-0033

Steve said

Calls multiple times a day, every day! Even late at night and Sundays. Nobody answering when picked up. this is non-stop harassment!

(214) 217-0237

office said

got a call from this number they asked to speak with dr in our office .. told them his with patient and they replied " i have ____email is that right" me: "yes, its ___(correcting them)" caller " watever oops sorry thanks byebye" did not wana leave message

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