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(213) 630-0103

Annoyed said

Did not leave a message the 7 times they called

(213) 608-9778

RD said

Messages from this number

(213) 922-0040

Catherine said

somebody is using this number to sexual harass my 11 year old sister please help

(213) 922-0040

alan said

this number is harassing me

(213) 290-0050

construction company said

Scam caller/texter. No need to waste your time with them. Said they were Jake Fitch. Then they also said that they were a construction company ... Everything is off, with them. Looking for massage for 10 people, driver will drop off and pick up one after the other, totaling 5 per day, for 2 days. I have had scams like this before in the past, I said I was charging an exorbitant amount, and they were fine with that. Very much a scam. Have a great day.

(213) 814-0037

Steve said

Scammer got into my accounts good thing I'm broke

(213) 290-0050

web developer busine said

an " oil company" using a real oil company name "hunt oil corp." try to contact us via email to perform a web design for them asking for our company owner's personal information. They provide this phone # and address that they say the business is located but i contact that location and is an accounting and bookkeeping agency and they dont know nothing about it

(213) 286-0077

Lucylu said

I got the same calls this lady keeps calling saying they are going to send the cops for me first it's a recording saying there is a warrent for my arrest about an old credit card account that they said I have not paid and it's not true they are rude and disrespectful I told them to send the cops for me I don't care!!! Have not got a phone all back.....

(213) 286-0077

Mi5 said

These people stated this company is national info. Center Tiffany and Kenneth brown they are scammers, beware of these two individuals.don't give out any of your personal information, they try to use scare tactics said there are a civil lawsuit against you.

(213) 257-5233

Myla said

Missed call, did not leave a message.

(213) 455-0002

SPAM said


(213) 455-0002

cb said

called me a couple times and never left message. then when i call back it's a recording that the verizon wireless number is not available try again later.

(213) 257-5233

Jonathan said

Missed the call; early evening. No message left.

(213) 286-0067

gch said

This is scammer trying to collect old debts that have already been either written off or paid off. DO NOT ANSWER!

(213) 286-0077

Sofi said

Kept calling and said I was going to get a summons to go to court for a debt from 2012 for $300.00. Claims that I didn't pay a loan. I looked up my bank records for 2012 and there NEVER was a $300.00 loan deposited. Called about 10 times. Finally I said do what ever you want. Stop calling. Very unprofessional , I told the woman , Donna Smith to send everything in writing and she said she could not.!!

(213) 375-0002

j said

I've got 5 or more calls like this over the past month. As an ordained member of the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster I am deeply offended by those harassing me me with claims of the divinity of some made up supernatural vilian.

(213) 222-0040

so tired said

I also answered because the caller ID said LA Child Care and of course it was the Microsoft Scam. The woman did not answer why the incorrect name showed up on my caller ID and I told her my computer was not infected because I had a Mac.

(213) 805-7276

Jonathan said

Asking for donations for breast cancer research. Legit? Not sure. Knew my name.

(213) 222-0040

Stacey said

Answered this call, said on caller ID: LA Child Care. When I answered someone named Alex said he was calling about my computer!?! I've reported to FCC since I'm on the "Do not call" list. This is not the 1st time someone has called about fixing computers or saying they're from Microsoft. It's a scam!

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