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(212) 943-0044

Krishna said

Received a call from this number.

(212) 335-0269

My_Oh_My said

SPAM! I have a Sprint phone. If I call this number I get a warning this is spam and the option to report it and block it. Do both!

(212) 202-0004

Peppero said

I got several calls from this number requesting money from a Adams Adewale

(212) 687-0034

Cal said


(212) 220-0200

t said

picked up the phone just after final ring, missed the call, called back, "this number is not in service" was the message i recieved.

(212) 486-0090

Gia said


(212) 220-0181

john said

thats not truee

(212) 293-0125

Heather said

I answered the phone with our usual company greeting and the guy on the other end said "Tools" and hung up???

(212) 877-0113

omg said

Call to our business 800 number 1 A.M.- there's something I cannot tolerate!!

(212) 658-0190

Joe won't stop calli said

This person keeps calling off an antiquated phone list. I've asked to be removed from their list but I keep getting calls. If their systems are too poor to accurately update their do not call list, should you trust them with financial issues?

(212) 281-0731

Jonathan said

Caller ID said Abushaar Shaif. Didn't answer - no voicemail left.

(212) 374-0171

Pissed said

trying to sell credit card debt to you banksters as usual

(212) 321-0093

Tim said

wonder who was it

(212) 221-0030

babsah said

I have received unwanted & harassing calls from both 212-221-0030 & 212-222-4899, 2x a day in the morning and afternoon. Same individual calls

(212) 231-0017

Annoyed said

Got a call from this number. Silence on the other end. Bad robocall machine I guess. Traced number to the following website: Filed a complaint with the website as I have been on the list for years. Caller: VKW Inc.

(212) 770-0077

gary said

some kind of insurance sales pitch?

(212) 444-0023

Tanisha said

Received a crazy call from a lady asking about some chick named Maya (?) She started dropping F bombs and threatening to find me. I dont know who she is...

(212) 810-0021

paul said

hews cool

(212) 763-0021

Alex said

This sounds like someone we recently terminated from a project with our company. We DO NOT run any outbound calls from this # as it's strictly used for incoming purposes only. This is simply someone trying to slander the business. CloudTweaks Media

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