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(210) 560-0075

notonyrlife DA said

SCAM call Police

(210) 900-0010

rhaire said

soliciting real estate listings. STOP

(210) 485-0004

Ally said

They keep calling me. I've told them once NOT INTERESTED... Today I answered and they said NOTHING. I'm sick of their calls

(210) 485-0004

Ro said

(210) 887-0039

Fred said

Called about 7:30 am my time which would be 6:30 am their time. I will block the number since it is no one I would known

(210) 409-3466

Ned said

Backpage Austin Tx rip off. Uses many different numbers and names. Claims to be independent but has a pimp threaten you if you don't wanna pay her when pics don't match the reality

(210) 409-3466

Guest said

Scammer escort in Austin Texas goes by Gia and other names. Claims to be a young thin blonde but is older fatter in person advertises on backpage in Austin Texas and Dallas Tx. Hope other guys see this review and save their time

(210) 409-3466

Ed said

Trashed our party don't waste your time or money

(210) 409-3466

Barry said

Do not call these women. Backpage scammers.

(210) 656-0004

Rico said

It's Kays Jewlry

(210) 548-0002

layla said

Keeps texting sheet I say not 2

(210) 488-0014

jm said

head hunter with job offers.

(210) 529-0047

boomer said

(210) 399-0074

X said


(210) 392-0172

Olio said

(210) 501-0015


received text from an asked to e-mail response to I never responded

(210) 827-0023

cal said

Weird times

(210) 308-2648

Elizabeth said

From "medical alert" says that I was (BULL) referred by a medical professional and that my medical alert order was ready

(210) 251-0259

him said

Its jessica sanchez

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