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(208) 209-0011

mac said

so did i. called back and they answered claiming it was police department

(208) 514-0095

busy worker said


(208) 921-6735

Robert said

This number called my cell...???

(208) 921-6735

no vacation said

Got a call saying I was selected to win a free trip to the Bahamas... Sounds like a scam to me so I hung up.

(208) 346-0117

Robin said

Never mind it was my son with a new number that came up with Megan Weeks as the name. All is good.

(208) 346-0117

Robin said

I just got 2 calls on my cell phone and then one my home phone from this number. It said Megan Weeks on it, but I don't know who that is so i refused to answer. This is the first time i ever got a call from this person. They just called again.

(208) 514-0263

hidden said

I get the same call at least 4-5 times daily - it is a work phone so even more frustrating

(208) 777-0133

noneya said

It's a coffee stand in post falls Idaho.

(208) 914-0218

LaRee said

(208)914-0223 called our business. Want to know if this was (business name)?, was (owner's first and last name) the owner? Was (owner) the only employee? When I asked what this was all about, they hung up.

(208) 345-0011

jo said

he is just an hateful old man

(208) 514-0065

NW electric said

This man calls and asks for business owner's cell number. When I ask to take a message he hangs up!

(208) 899-0173

big E said

(208) 514-0065

NM Builder said

Middle aged man asked for the owner of company by first name. When I asked his credentials, he said he misplaced owner's cell number and needed to 'jot it down again'. When I offered to take a message, he hung up on me.

(208) 416-0251

kkk said

Wants to fix my puter...ha wrong. ..

(208) 384-0104

Fustrated said

I keep getting call from this number. What is going on?

(208) 558-0021

Barb said

Repeated calls from a variety of numbers, including 202-558-0021. FRAUD! SCAM! It's a fishing expedition... The IRS has assured me they ONLY contact re tax problems via mail. Strong Indian accents form all "agents." Reverse search number: If it's a legit IRS number, it will show up as such. (Call supposedly comes from DC; actually it's from Boise, Idaho.)

(208) 908-0253

Gary said

Texted me from 208-971-6063 and said my "Visa heckCard" (dumbasses can't even spell) is disabled and to call 208-908-0253. Total scammer.

(208) 899-0173


What are they saying

(208) 944-0136

H said

I didn't answer. They didn't leave a message. Nov. 11th, 2014 9:48am

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