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(206) 707-0009

Sher said

Who is this

(206) 238-0069

R said

Computer voice left message saying that there has been a lawsuit filed against me. Wants me to call back. Bainbridge Island, WA on the caller ID. If there is a lawsuit, I'm sure an officer will appear at my door and hand it to me in person.

(206) 456-0188

Garfield said

So was it a spam call?

(206) 456-0188

Todd said

Said I was being sued by IRS. Sounds "PHISHY"

(206) 819-0029

waynhe said

will try to sell you crap

(206) 777-0138

Anonymous said

Got a call, no message left.

(206) 823-0033

PM said

Received Robotic voice message caller – you are being notified that IRS is sueing you. They say call special number for details. I hung up. heard of this scam before. If IRS has an issue, they will send you a notice by mail.

(206) 414-0034

pink said

I got that call. You could hear all sorts of clicking in the background. Like typing on a computer and talking. It sounded like a telemarketer/solicitor boiler room operations. The guy sounded Arab. He says is Tina there? No one by that name lives here. He asked for Tina again. I again said No one by that name lives here. He asked who I was. I said why do you need to know who I am? I said stop calling me F Head and hung up.

(206) 201-0042

SC said

Received 4 phone calls from this number threatening civil Action if I didn't respond-this is crazy that no one has shut this down -total nonsense and Nuisance!

(206) 219-0174

adrastea said

I just found that the address is a UPS store in University Village, Seattle. #27 belongs to a Linda Reeder of the Dufftown Group

(206) 219-0174

Adrastea said

I forgot to say that the solicitation was from a given address: 4616 25th NE #27, Seattle, WA 98105

(206) 219-0174

adrastea said

The message was mailed, and began with "My name is Linda." "I would like to buy your house." "Please call me. This probably a flipper looking to fleece homeowners.

(206) 201-0042

ham said

I have received the same call , it is criminal to represent the IRS

(206) 201-0042

DeeDee said

Ditto what everyone else is saying - seems the calls have ramped up the past few days. Several a day. They go to our answering machine and if it wasn't such an annoyance, this dude and his moronic message would be "Tonight Show" laughable. Speaking in an Indian accent, grammatically incorrect, saying he's a fed "coming to get us" from the IRS unless we... Come on law enforcement, you can't get this joker?

(206) 201-0042

Mary said

Just got 4 of these messages 2/25/16. IRS. Lawsuit.

(206) 201-0042

john kneisl said

I just filed my taxes, so i was initially worried, then I redialed, scam scam scam, he côuldn't even speak broken English!

(206) 201-0042

SM Ohio said

Got a robocall from this number today Feb 25 twice -- once before 8 a.m. and again at 10 a.m. The voice was obviously computer generated, it claims to be an "officer" and that the IRS has a lawsuit against me. Obviously a scam, since I file honest returns!! I will report to police if I get one more call...harassment.

(206) 201-0042


I also got 2 calls from this number stating they are the IRS.

(206) 201-0042

Monsey NY said

Got this scam call today, February 23, 2016.

(206) 201-0042

Amazing said

I called the number and a heavily accented dude answered and said he was from the IRS and the police were on their way our to arrest me and immediately I cracked up laughing at him. I called him and idiot and a scumbag several times and the guy wouldn't hang up. this went on for several minutes and I finally had to hang up on him. A total scam! I think I will call him every day for a while just to bug him.

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