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(203) 680-0006

Junior said

(203) 680-0005

katy did said

Sales call from Buckmasters Deer Hunting 2/7/18

(203) 343-0182

Laura said

Received a phone call with no message. Very irritating. I guess it was a solicitation.

(203) 857-0154

Sfrnofls said

Called and left a long loud threatening message saying they would break my face, bust out my teeth, and kill me because I wouldn't push the button, pick up the call and pay $5. I have no idea who it was or what it was about, but they also used filthy language. The gentleman was likely around 50-60, and swore a lot and was trying to tell someone else in the room with him, why he was so angry. At the end there was some sort of banging noise and the call went dead. Hope he doesn't call you!

(203) 343-0011



(203) 343-0182

VCS said

Annoying persistent- I try not to answer the call

(203) 680-0014

michael said

telemarketer or scammer

(203) 850-0049

Nick said

Number keeps calling me talking about someone named Flavio

(203) 399-0073

Amanda said

not sure who called. they just kept repeating my name over and over.

(203) 680-0016

John said

Keep calling non stop had to block number

(203) 680-0017

BM said

I have no ideal who this is keep calling no answer

(203) 680-0054

Mike said

I got the same call

(203) 680-0017

M said

Same here, Shane, same here. Lol

(203) 680-0116

Dee G. said

Call came in at 10:49 am on Thursday - no message.

(203) 680-0016

Old a said

Calling me every single morning. When I call back it has a fake auto message saying "hello...hello...hello" then hangs up. I want to be removed from their list but they won't even put a real person on the phone

(203) 468-0006

jae said

this is Kay Jewelers

(203) 680-0030

Wtby said

Same as the others. Jennifer from some cruise line pre recorded. Called at the same time 3 days in a row then tried later in the day another day and then I blocked them.

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