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(202) 715-0022

patsy said

Collection Agency- Harassing

(202) 715-0022

Marie said

I didn't answer it, but caller ID said it was from IMF. It seems it's an unsafe number - no message left.

(202) 602-1261

jer said

calls twice a day, never a message

(202) 905-0002

DEB said

IRS scam!~

(202) 715-0004

D said

Rude sales person! He was very insulting!

(202) 759-3786

Jonathan said

Caller ID said "Washington DC". Started off by mumbling something about who he was with then started asking me about current events. No interest in whatever their survey is so declined. He actually said goodbye before hanging up!

(202) 407-0009

chad said

what is this number?

(202) 621-0025

JS said

I got a voice mail stating that this call was to notify me that the Internal Revenue Services was filing lawsuit against me and to get specifics on my case to call back that number.

(202) 621-0025

Amy said

I got the same automoatic call - this is about the 3rd or 4th call I have gotten about the IRS coming after me. Funny - IRS sends certified letters and does not call.

(202) 621-0025

Pennington, NJ said

I am calling the FBI to report this. This is nonsense, that this is happening to all these people.

(202) 621-0025

Bob Sponge said

IRS scam. They are taking legal action against me if I don't call 202-621-0025. Losers! Get a job or a hobby or something.

(202) 621-0025

MarkO said

Yes someone with poor English said the "Internal Revenue Services" and not "Internal Revenue Service" without the "s" has filed "lawsuit" and not "a lawsuit" Nice try scammer

(202) 621-0025

Denise said

Looks like the IRS is after me too! Total scam.

(202) 621-0025

Don said

IRS filed a lawsuit against me too, haha.

(202) 621-0025

Dave said

IRS filed a lawsuit against me too. B.S.

(202) 621-0025

Ben said

Robot call that stated the Internal Revenue had filed a lawsuit agains't me. lol. Scammer.

(202) 656-0005


says he's from the us treasury dept. and I have been given a lot of $$$. It is definitely a scam!

(202) 609-7786

wes said

Calls everyday from this number. Debt collection on old expired debt.

(202) 681-0001

chase said

looking for dentist business linked to phone number 202 681 0001

(202) 650-0020

Chaz said

Gentlemen identifying himself as Alan Anselmo with USDA asking very targeted questions about my company and colleagues. Sounded very marketing/salesy, and sure enough some research led me to mr. anselmo's linked in profile (who happens to be in sales/marketing). Called the number back and receptionist only identified the organization as "publications."

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