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(770) 285-0022

Papa E said

I've had several calls from this number. When I answer they say nothing and then hang up. Probably scammers

(303) 351-0221

Roger said

Also received a call after 11:00 PM on a Sunday night from this number. 'Jim' also interested in some property. Phoned back the next morning and 'Jim' told me he did not call. VERY SCAMMY

(303) 351-0221

Gorge said

1:30 am telemarketing realestate

(303) 351-0221

Rachel said

Got a message at 11:00 pm on a Sunday night from this number. "Jim" is interested in some property I have to sell? Gives me a toll-free number to return the call... Feels scammy

(330) 440-0004

Joe said

This is the Tuscarawas County Jail telephone system.

(248) 739-0082


We received a similar prank call at our Bridal Shop. complete with shakin' the booty nonsense. Our consultant put them on hold, and after a minute they just hung up.

(989) 577-0110

Dick said

Got a call, no message, i dont know anyone in MI

(347) 769-7937

ELizabeth said

Received a message from "chase" telling me that their system is down and I should confirm my info.

(210) 485-0004

Ro said

(330) 741-0033

Quincy said

Person said hi. They say who is this i tell this person amd say you may have the wrong number. Not much to this caller

(413) 424-0021

Mike said

Same as Ben, three calls back to back that I didn't answer. 16Feb2017 7:18 PM

(201) 679-0052

Jillyan said

They texted me and said hey i'm going to drop the baby off at your moms later i have work tonight suck to cold i made you that massage appiontment for later he will be here around 830 OMG...from the loks for him you better be so READY lol have fun and enjoy but noy to much lol

(407) 205-1469

Jonathan said

Left a cut-off voicemail about some $10,000 per 10-14 days money making opportunity. Apparently this will blow my mind.

(641) 628-0021

jim said

who is this

(610) 968-1569

Jonathan said

Missed a call - anybody know who this is?

(408) 429-2075

Jonathan said

Missed a call; left blank message

(619) 398-4901

Gerry said

High Tech High school

(619) 789-0342

Jonathan said

"You qualify... fabulous 2 night cruise..." etc etc etc

(228) 349-0029

Lace said

Hahaha I got a call from this number called it back range twice hung up! Glad to know it's tricky county my daughter has appointment there haha

(417) 232-0034


When I answer they say that they're from some cruise line and they ask if I can here them okay. At that point I just hang up.

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