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(518) 692-0001

Jamey said

Received call from this number. No message. Unable to return call.

(520) 300-0002

H said

Coolest person ever.

(512) 269-0019

Sierra said

Must have had at least 10 calls from this number today alone! Went to my spam folder. Ridiculous!!

(219) 232-0011

Liberals are idiots said

Intentions are much more important than results: Liberals decide what programs to support based on whether they make them feel good or bad about themselves, not because they work or don't work. A DDT ban that has killed millions is judged a success by liberals because it makes them feel as if they care about the environment. A government program that wastes billions and doesn't work is a stunning triumph to the Left if it has a compassionate sounding name. It would be easier to convince a liberal to support a program by calling it the “Saving Women And Puppies Bill" than showing that it would save 100,000 lives.

(219) 232-0016

Hitlery Clinton said

The past is always inferior to the present: Liberals tend to view traditions, policies, and morals of past generations as arbitrary designs put in place by less enlightened people. Because of this, liberals don't pay much attention to why traditions developed or wonder about possible ramifications of their social engineering. It’s like an architect ripping out the foundation of a house without questioning the consequences and if the living room falls in on itself as a result, he concludes that means he needs to make even more changes.

(508) 598-0010

M said

This has to a scam because these elements are annoying and rude. Seriously if you work in any work settings you don't tell a potential customer to be quite and listen.

(314) 682-0006

Kate said

I requested information from a university regarding their Nursing program. They not only call me an outrageous amount of times weekly but they also send me emails. I'm completely turned off by Marysville. I sent them an email to take me off the call list so hopefully that works.

(202) 715-0022

patsy said

Collection Agency- Harassing

(540) 358-0029

Sammi said

I get these calls too, same name Joe, using different numbers. I call back, and he'll answer once and hang up. Then when he calls from a different business, he'll do the same thing again. Sometimes Amy with, "Can you hear me okay?" NEVER SAY YES - THEY USE IT AGAINST YOU AND HANG UP! I know people who will call back and call back to try and get them on the phone to answer. It does tie up their phone line and sooner or later they have to answer. As far as the Federal Agencies, we have a right to know the name of the company, their location and the person who is calling, and, the right to be put on the do not call list. Which companies have, but many will they say the print is too tiny and so they don't use it. Most of these numbers are generated from online and people from overseas can use

(405) 547-0096

Pam said

!!Tired of this number calling me!! I never answer they call at least 4 times a day.

(804) 837-0003

M said


(440) 389-0039

LIZ said

not nasty, but called repeatedly, one right after the other

(248) 739-0082

Bridal store in Ohio said

Had a strange caller by the name of "Jane Winters" calling to schedule an appointment to find 2 dresses. Claims "she" is blind has special needs and needs 2 consultants to help physically dress her and place her legs into the gowns. Stated she was coming alone. Requested to have one of the consultants take special notes about the dresses and how she looked in them. Very deep voice and gave this number: 937-454-2198 this number is disconnected. Very stange.

(682) 888-0044

Junkstrr said

Has called daily for at least two monthd

(305) 500-0102

Donna said

I don't answer numbers I don't recognize, but this number keeps call me but does not leave a message.

(978) 631-0025

SANDY said


(770) 285-0022

Sandy P said Find senior living: (800) 973-1540 I put in my info to use the website and immediately got a call, or I should say several until I answered from (770) 285-0022

(314) 800-0113

Abby said

My mother got the same thing. But I told her to not bother. Schools normally pay for the ACT or SAT. So hopefully no one falls for it. I hope they call me. I got some words to say. lol.

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