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(562) 268-0022

Steve said

Called and didn't leave a message. Blocked

(423) 299-0016

Boo said

I have been called by this number about 6 times as of now. It's someone from a jailhouse. Blocked the number twice, my phone don't ring, but they still leave messages on my phone smh.

(562) 268-0022

Renato said

This number called me, and left no message. An hour later it called my roommate same number left no message again. Who is this number?

(270) 775-0064


We get calls from this & additional numbers (same company) almost daily! We have repeatedly requested that this harassment stop! Going to report to the proper authorities! We have stated many times that we are NOT interested in their ceptic cleaning product!

(619) 361-8321

Jonathan said

Solar spam.

(619) 344-0697

Jonathan said

Solar spam.

(314) 682-0006

Kay said

Thank you, I am blocking their number.

(703) 398-1344


Keeps calling and hanging up. about 15 times in the past 2 weeks.

(703) 763-0027


Keeps calling an hanging up. At least 5 times in the past 2 weeks

(609) 599-0006

Jill said

Another phony charity looking to get your credit card number.

(248) 739-0082

Business in CA said

I own a bridal store and we got this number showing up on caller ID as Kimberly Walker. It was a strange voice. She said she is blind and needs someone to help her try on wedding gowns in the fitting room and describe them to her. Said her name was Jane Anderson. Asked a lot of bizarre questions, she hung up abruptly so it seemed suspicious. 12/5/16

(303) 351-0221

Greg said

Keep getting calls from this number. Call back no one answers??

(719) 982-0010

Phil said

I received a robo-call from 719-982-0010 stating it was from the IRS and that fraud charges were being brought against the owner of the phone number. No names were mention but was told to call them back at 719-982-0010. I called and a guy with an Indian-Accent answered and said I had reached the IRS, I proceeded to tell him that he could go F***k himself and the know it's he's a scammer and that by the end of the day this number will be all over the internet and let everyone know it's a 100% SCAM TRYING TO DEFRAUD YOU BY TELLING YOU FACING B***S#*! TAX FRAUD CHARGES - 719-982-0010 IS A 100% SCAM - DON'T BELIEVE THEM AND DON'T CALL THEM... Please Pass it along to as many phone number verifying websites as possible!!!!

(702) 212-0181


my brother is receiving calls from this number saying they are from the Chamber of Commerce.........glad to know someone else is getting bogus calls also, beware people

(662) 732-0013

EdMM said

This is a "free" industry magazine renewal service using an auto-dialer. Called our office for an environmental magazine.

(907) 748-0000

Afwife said

My son received a pornographic text from this phone number.

(702) 576-0012

Annoyed said

This number called and when answered no one would say anything. After about 10-12 seconds the call just hung up. How or why are these robo-calls allowed to continue?

(205) 558-0272

Harley said

Answered but no one replied. Kept saying hello with no response. SCAM

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