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(847) 953-0022

Macella said

This number called me 8 times back to back. I don't answer numbers I don't know. Leave me a voice mail and I'll decide if I want to call you back.

(858) 221-8810

Jonathan said

Spam spam spam. "Final notice blah blah blah

(229) 299-0090

ripped off said

have recurring charge for $12 & the number is for Time Warner /Spectrum, but it does not appear fraud company is using Time Warner's number

(314) 852-3395

brando said

Sex chat

(248) 739-0082

Bridal shop in RI said

We received a very strange call from this number identified as Kimberly Walker on Caller ID. It was clearly a man and my consultant handled the call very well. Caller was very interested if they would be waited on by the manager and if we carried dresses that he/she would be able to shake her butt in. Bizarre call at best. Made an appointment but was a no-show.

(248) 739-0082

Emily said

This number has called my bridal store multiple times saying they are "Jane" and are blind and want to try on wedding gowns. She said she needs room to practice shaking her booty in the gowns to make sure they are the correct styles. We booked a 2 hour appointment for her but she never showed.

(405) 267-0032

S. B. #2 said

The phone rang but I do not know anyone in Byers, OK, so I didn't answer and they didn't leave a message.

(254) 293-0104

Jenny said

Yes dont believe the threats people. Call their bluff. Cant do nothing since they are not the original holders of the debt owed. Know your rights.

(602) 791-4409

Johnathan said

Dude your on something!

(254) 293-0104

John said

Retarded bitch is a debt collector working out of her home in and a group of people are filing lawsuit for harassment and selling information that i didnt give permission to your going down bitch !!!!!!

(254) 293-0104

Pyper said

Yes just found out this is a fraudulent third party caller that bought my old debt from 2008 and jist now 2017 tring to collect money i already paid and then sold it to another company shortly after they called wanting more money on a 9 year old account...yes its NOT our fault you buy paid for accounts that other third parties sell...stupid. I haope it was worth it. Dont be fooled people. Cause as long as they are not the original person you originally owed then theres nothing they can do but bully or harass which by law has its limited. So i say to the bitch on the phone do yourself a favor find a real job....

(405) 547-0096

Floor Doctor said

Same thing calls several time no message Probably trying to get you to give more personal info

(802) 552-0010

?? said

This number calls me like 5 times a day. Never leaves a message

(248) 739-0082

Bridal Salon said

This person calls our shop all the time (sounds like they are using a voice distorter) and asks bizarre questions and then hangs up. It is very disturbing and we are going to call the police the next time it happens.

(254) 293-0104

Me said

Debt collextor..3rd party...sorry debt collector we cant help you buy bogus accounts for bad debtors.

(405) 771-0042

Justin said

Called back to back with no message within a span of 1 minute

(508) 247-0114

RON said


(800) 743-5000

Jonathan said

Called claiming to be from "PG&E". Offered a free solar analysis. So a solar spam call. But misrepresenting themselves as the electric company "PG&E". In my case this was obviously a lie since our electric company is SDG&E - PG&E is north of us.

(402) 527-0002

Shelby said

(405) 547-0096


Have called several times no message

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