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(248) 739-0082

Another bridal shop said

He calls every couple weeks with a more outlandish story each time. Can't decide if he is shopping for a discrimination law suit or if get is a perv just getting off on it. All I know is I would like it to stop. Can't we do something about him?

(248) 739-0082

JAB said

We had the same phone call today, asking for multiple people to be in the room and asked us what our issues would be and who would be assisting him. We've had similar calls, stating an anniversary party, he's a cross dresser, etc.

(412) 533-0021

Steve said

I've missed 3 calls from this number today. My Caller ID app shows the word "None" when they're calling so I just wait for a voicemail... But it never comes...

(248) 739-0082


Kimberly Walker or "Jane Winters" calls the store making very uncomfortable requests. He claims to be blind, have Downs Syndrome; partially paralyzed; will require 2-3 managers to come into the dressing room to dress him; and have the managers "bend him over, while placing your knee into my back as you lace me into a corset" so that he can "be sure that the 'booty shaking dress' shows enough skin". He gets a kick out of making you uncomfortable. And will continue until you or he has had enough. Report him into the police.

(248) 739-0082

Kentucky Bridal said

We just had a phone call from this number. We are a bridal shop in Kentucky. They said they were blind and would be needing two wedding dresses and requested that multiple people to be in the dressing room with her. Then when questioned they hung up. So strange!

(210) 485-0004

Ally said

They keep calling me. I've told them once NOT INTERESTED... Today I answered and they said NOTHING. I'm sick of their calls

(337) 366-0010

chris said

they keep calling but will not give their name, nor do they leave messages on my voicemail when I deny the call. I have attempted to block the number and they still call somehow

(702) 212-0181

Patrick said

Got a call from this number to my business asking how many people worked there and some other questions. Told the person on second to talk to the owner and they hung up. Every time we try calling it back it answers then hangs up. Pretty sure this is a scam.

(805) 824-0004

E.N. said

I got a call from this number saying they are a 3rd party company that calls to verify my name is still with my phone #. When I asked what company was requesting to verify that, she said she couldn't see that information,only send them a request to contact me. They said their company name is Data Verification and based in Indiana. But when I look up number I get no info on this company and number is 805 area code. That is not Indiana.

(610) 807-0003

b said


(515) 758-0109

Caitlin said


(443) 578-0001

scorpion said

looking for phone number address of443 330 2145 who own that phone number please i like to know.

(847) 278-0070

Soterios said

Calls and leaves no message.

(248) 739-0082

Missouri Bridal Shop said

We have experienced this phone call twice. Same exact thing. Blind person looking for a wedding dress... Needed two people in the dressing room with them at all times etc...

(800) 743-5000

Jonathan said

Got another call from these guys. Same pitch.

(520) 265-8770

Cookie said

These people are hackers. They want you to give them access to your computer. I would think they are trying to install a virus to steal from you. Just block them. Don't bother answering.

(219) 728-5121

mr t said

various scam calls seem to be relayed through this number

(254) 693-0100

Vegas Barb said

Vehicle warranty. Oh brother. We have a 2005 Mazda. Probably couldn't get one if we wanted it.

(540) 358-0029


Just got a call from this number for the 1st time, followed by a 2nd and 3rd call immediately after. No voicemails or anything.

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