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(603) 965-0084


Yes I keep getting phone calls from this number (603) 965-0084and they really are on the li e of harrassment.

(267) 295-0047

Issa said

I believe this is a scam

(248) 739-0082

Kentucky Bridal Shop said

Received multiple calls from "Jane" and am aware via bridal boutique facebook groups that this person continues to call and ask the same thing to all salons. Actually answered this phone call today, and let them speak. Then I asked if this was Jane. As soon as I did....ironically they hung up! Need to get this number blocked.

(989) 313-0010

cmb said

calls frequently - line busy for return call.

(667) 367-0049

BigDawg said

Brother recieved a message looking for me claiming court cases possible lawsuits blah blah. Called only have a answering machine claiming you're on line 1 leave a messagew. Just another scammer.

(248) 739-0082

Kim said

Work at a Bridal Boutique in Huntington Beach, This man has contacted us several times i want to say about 5 times i the past 7 months. Super frustrating, so happy to found you all say the same thing. Asking for the same things, blind, needs two different consultants, asked who would be with him, and goes from there always hangs up after. So ridiculous. Beware of a Kim Walker/Jane

(706) 493-0103

Miles said

lea'me aLONE!!!

(501) 628-9349

goog said

susposedly an insurance company

(989) 459-0031

Missy said

Got a call from a girl saying that my number was found on her man's call history. Didn't sound like a real person talking and kept saying hello.

(401) 279-0006

MES said

Same as all of the above. First call but a recording saying there were several complaints about me and to call a number. No identification what so ever. Hung up on them.

(989) 418-0217

Sahara said

I answered and got screamed at why am I not donating to a relief fund for Harvey?!!!!

(314) 775-0026

bob said

Left message "this is Maria" and "I have some great news" "call me back" I did not call the number she left back.

(512) 792-0027

Roger said

Called and sent to voicemail. Called back immediately and sent to voicemail again. No message was left.

(315) 307-0069

Cassandra said

Daniel contacted me regarding a $5000 loan. He says he's from Advance America and they're registered with the BBB and other reputable companies. He claims his company didn't work with any bank I named and I have to purchase gift cards to give him the numbers.He will then reveal a MCTN for me to pick the money up from western union. I didn't fall for it. I googled the phone number and the rest is history.

(630) 400-0003

Aggravated said

Why does this person keep calling me and hanging up... I call back from random numbers and they swear they have not called me... Its some young female. UIUUUUUGHHGHHGHGHGHHG

(954) 585-0109

Teo said

Call and hang up very fast, all day long: 8/29/2017

(248) 739-0082

Bridal Salon said

Received a call from Jane Winters yesterday 8/27/17 had my employee on the phone for 30 mins. Same situation wanted to find 2 dresses and needed to be assisted by 2 consultants very descriptive about the assistance that is needed. Very odd and also called the next day to make sure the appointment was set up. There is something that needs to be done about this person. It's really ridiculous.

(305) 340-0574

RJ said

Scam. Cost Trap. Buyer Beware.

(737) 443-0369

Jonathan said

Bad personalities. Lame show. Do not recommend.

(737) 443-0369

Ben said

Terrible scammers. In Austin Texas area. Fake photographs. Girls are older than the photos. They do not stay the entire time you pay for.

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