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(248) 739-0082

Linda - Texas 6/27/1 said

I also received a call from Jane Waters stating the same thing about being handicap and blind, needing several to help him into the dresses, wanting two dresses, one long and one short and "flirty", and need to "bend him over" then "push him back up". I feel sure he has called my shop on two other occasions asking for an appointment and never showing up.

(757) 550-3780

j said


(248) 739-0082

lisa CA said

yes " Kimberly Walker" or Jane has called us maybe 10 times in the last year or two. is disabled and needs all 'management" there + multiple people to help " her" in and out of dresses. Speaks in whisper, male voice, Said he'd call back for an appt. Has upset my employees.

(248) 739-0082

Anon Bridal Shop said

Has called our Bridal Shop asking for accommodations because he's blind, and disabled and needs the help of several consultants to try on dresses. Name on caller I'd is Kimberly Walker. Reverse phone number lookup says it's a Joseph James Walker in Arvada, Co.

(254) 598-0002

ty said

(248) 739-0082

Judy said

West Virginia -6/27/17 Just received a call from Jane Winter asking for an appointment. Needed a long wedding gown and a short gown. Needed 3-4 people to help try on and walk. Asked for phone number to call back when I could set up a time. I immediately searched the number n found this site. I am now going to contact the attorney general!s office.

(715) 508-0091

Brian webber said

Jerk calls repeatedly asking what I have for sale because he's looking to buy . texts the same harassing questions. Avoid this scammer.

(314) 682-0000

Ashley said

Maryville online. They are a scam. Asked for a brochure and I still haven't gotten it but they call odd hours and on weekends and left a msg saying with a down payment I could secure my spot when all I wanted was a damn brochure. I hate the hard sell, it tells me your school can't stand on its own merit.

(989) 567-0052

Dr. Butters said

Never heard of this organization! and of all places Shepard, MI.

(512) 269-0019

NN said

I get several calls back to back with no message left and it's very disturbing

(857) 400-0030

Jazz said

I don't know who this is!!

(512) 467-0003

jag said

me too

(248) 739-0082

Bridal Store in Cali said

Same situation as previous bridal stores have mentioned with wanting 2-3 people to help and looking for 2 dresses. This person gave the name "Jane" and even mentioned they may be in our system because they've made an appointment before. I do remember this person calling 2 years ago and stating they are a man who wanted to try on women's dresses and if we would be ok with that. Wanted me to go into detail about undergarments - I did not. Having previously worked in offices that receive these types of calls, I played along and was very kind and understanding to their "needs" In my mind, I knew I would hang up as soon as anything got sexual, but he didn't go there. Informed other people in this store to ignore this person if they call again. I wish I had as much time as this person to waste!!

(512) 364-0005

No said

Calls several times a day. No message.

(248) 739-0082

Bridal Store in Mich said

Beware! "Jane Winters" called today to schedule an appointment. As others store said, he made strange requests for assistance in trying on dresses. He kept me on the phone for several minutes, continually pushing me with additional requests or demands for his appointment. This is a mentally ill individual. He is either trying to find reasons to sue a business for discrimination, etc. or seeking attention.

(989) 325-0036

feel me said

im sick of calls from this number

(513) 725-0853

stacey said

Missed call. They didn't leave a message. Don't know who was calling. probably scam.

(334) 245-0159

CJ said

They have called several times saying that they have tried to serve us papers and a uniformed officer is going to show up at our place of business...apparently to arrest us. Obviously spam. I don't listen long enough to hear what it is they want us to do.

(417) 855-0082

Niki said

It was given to me by a friendnumber

(210) 900-0010

rhaire said

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