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(619) 743-7181

Jonathan said

Credit reporting spam

(408) 408-0808

Jonathan said

"Free furnace inspection"

(618) 847-0010

Tina said

Recording from a facility.

(512) 269-0019

Paula A said

Called me several times but didn't leave messages. I called back and they asked if I was looking for affordable health insurance and was I insured

(423) 299-0016

Amber said

What jail is the call from?

(248) 739-0082

Bridal Store in TN said

Both of our stores have received calls from this person, both under different names. Ann Myers for one & Jan something for the other. She called again today at 3AM as Jane. She was looking for two wedding gowns, a formal one and a short one for reception. She needed all managers and other employeeS to help her. "Ann" said that she was "blind,had a balance disorder,and loose limbs." She also said she would need a corset, a knee on her back, and someone to walk her in circles and to help her twirl in the dresses. For the short dress, she wanted a "booty shaking" dress that shows lots of leg. She wanted us to bend her over at the waist in this dress as well. She requested we block out two hours for her. Of course, she never showed up and the number she gave (865-842-1139) wasn't in service.

(248) 739-0082

Bridal shop in PA said

I just got this call. I got creeped out when he asked me to repeat back to him his requests. Just not going to answer the phone with this number! Bizarre!

(248) 739-0082

Bridal shop in Georg said

This person called at 4:30AM Eastern time, and left a message requesting an appointment. Said the woman needed 3 employees to help her with her appointment, that she was blind and also had scoliosis. Wanted to try on bridal gowns. Caller ID says Kimberly Walker.

(314) 775-0027

nick said

Who is this

(254) 310-0178

Me Said said

yes, who or what is this about? I have received like 6 calls from this number with in the last 2 hours.

(254) 310-0178

me said

yes, who or what is this about? I have received like 6 calls from this number with in the last 2 hours.

(904) 474-0008

Brian said

Health insurance

(320) 281-0024

anonymous said

Left no voice mail. Caller ID reads, "allstate insura."

(267) 867-0040

Didi said

Called but didn't leave a message

(978) 252-0016


Incessant calls from this number… Assuming it's a scam or telemarketer ...

(248) 739-0082

bridal store said

Same call here. Said they wanted to purchase two gowns for the next year and wanted to try them on gown. Couldn't hear from the noise. Put them on hold to make an appt and they hung up.

(610) 910-5388

Jonathan said

Craigslist scammer. "Thanks, I'm okay with the price & condition and i want you to consider it sold, I'm planning to send the payment in form of certified check via FedEx delivery,then I will arrange for a pick up after check cleared at your bank. Does it have anything negative i should know?" Classic CL scam.

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