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(603) 965-0084

Bothered said

Saw a missed call from this number. Don't know who they are or why they called.

(248) 739-0082

Sara said

This person called...again...said the same crap as last week. Disabled, needs two assistance, blah blah blah. Tried to call him back since he loves to hang up but of course didn't answer.

(248) 739-0082

Store in CA! said

We received this call twice this year and its super upsetting and creepy. The man/woman who called gave us the same exact story both times, first in June and the other just now in October. I didnt see this site until today! They asked for 2 consultants and they want help into the corset top and slip. They said they needed the two consultants to put our knees on their back to straight them up and then they wanted to be twirled around. They wanted us to describe the gown in as many details as possible too. What made it worst is that after the 10 minute call they made the consultant who answered the phone repeat back all the notes and then they made more notes. They also wanted the two consultants who are expected to help them on the day to call them back so they can go over the notes .

(972) 325-0070

shbubblez said

(248) 599-0012

Lynn colovos said

I never did the quote, and its still calling

(210) 560-0075

notonyrlife DA said

SCAM call Police

(717) 538-0101

Marie said

He is 68 years old and lives in Lebanon. I met him. He had a Navy SEAL ring on and a Navy pilot ring on. Don't think he's a scammer, just a jerk. Last job was at the Manheim Auto Auction in Manheim Pennsylvania.

(703) 398-1384

Manassas VA said

Lots of calls from this number, but no message

(571) 319-5621

SC said

Calls but never leaves a message

(512) 552-0064

Luis Avina said

This is a company #. Very good company. Mia is a wonderful person and very smart individual. This number is safe to answer.

(216) 334-9833

Alex said

Scam. Fraud. Tries to get info. Time waster. Calls business pretending to be client but it's really just a fishing scam and this callervwill do nothing but waste your energy and time.

(480) 204-0023

Toya said

(480)204-0023 I have no Idea who this is? Saying they miss me and call them weird....

(224) 441-0002


Just received a call from him too.

(603) 965-0084


Yes I keep getting phone calls from this number (603) 965-0084and they really are on the li e of harrassment.

(267) 295-0047

Issa said

I believe this is a scam

(248) 739-0082

Kentucky Bridal Shop said

Received multiple calls from "Jane" and am aware via bridal boutique facebook groups that this person continues to call and ask the same thing to all salons. Actually answered this phone call today, and let them speak. Then I asked if this was Jane. As soon as I did....ironically they hung up! Need to get this number blocked.

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