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(802) 552-0010

?? said

This number calls me like 5 times a day. Never leaves a message

(248) 739-0082

Bridal Salon said

This person calls our shop all the time (sounds like they are using a voice distorter) and asks bizarre questions and then hangs up. It is very disturbing and we are going to call the police the next time it happens.

(254) 293-0104

Me said

Debt collextor..3rd party...sorry debt collector we cant help you buy bogus accounts for bad debtors.

(405) 771-0042

Justin said

Called back to back with no message within a span of 1 minute

(508) 247-0114

RON said


(800) 743-5000

Jonathan said

Called claiming to be from "PG&E". Offered a free solar analysis. So a solar spam call. But misrepresenting themselves as the electric company "PG&E". In my case this was obviously a lie since our electric company is SDG&E - PG&E is north of us.

(402) 527-0002

Shelby said

(405) 547-0096


Have called several times no message

(508) 409-0010

art said

this number calls and when you pick up they say nothing and then hang up in 10 seconds. Probably a telemarketing robot seeing if the line is active.

(630) 300-0009

jc said

No answer ever, no message ever. it's blocked

(225) 395-0121

Joe Blow said

I got a call from this number. I didn't answer, since it was an unknown number, and they didn't leave a message.

(817) 546-0007

Tcartier said

Calls & no message

(248) 739-0082

Minnesota said

This person has called our bridal store twice in the last 6 weeks. A 90 minute appointment for Jane was made. No one showed (We feel this is a form of theft when knowingly won't show for an appointment, as it takes away from other potential buyers). It is also sexual harassment to give such details about being blind and wanting several people dressing and undressing you, then talk about how you want to bend over and shake your booty for others to see. This was a phone conversation that was quite disturbing. We don't discriminate, but we don't appreciate crudeness or taking time from innocent and hard working staff or clients. 1/17/17 We have called the police with the crudeness of the first call and now in finding this site, we will report this call.

(714) 340-2622

Emma said

Greater Destinations robocall from “Emily” who pretends to have technical difficulties then proceeds to go on a spiel about how you’ve won a trip for staying in one of their luxury hotels… Seriously? I haven’t stayed in a hotel in almost 5 years.

(415) 802-2979

Ruff said

Jonathan - If calling and hanging up is nasty, then yes! My caller ID said ALLSTATE. I answered at 7:37 pm, thinking I would say "do not ever again call me at home, especially during dinner hours!" But the hung up. They called two nights ago, but I did not answer and got no message on my voicemail box.

(715) 304-0001

Nig said


(435) 990-0042

Green said

Thank you for the heads up. Means a lot to someone who doesn't think first.

(989) 443-0099

James said

I got a call and never got her name

(262) 332-0074

george stachura said

attention you piece of crap.hope you choke and die on your comments.making me to be the enemy.I spent 8 months to help my mother to have a drug ass,jailbird destroy my relations with my mom.the prick christopher john stachura was a loser with a lengthy criminal record.she trusted a loser.

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