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(270) 713-0006

John said

Aggravating calls from this number, filed complaint to do not call

(504) 264-0033

Elaine said

I cant wait to get my freebie, and samples.Iam a good spokeperson!

(727) 499-0039

Liz said

waited for message to prompt then hung up

(989) 459-0031


A man called with attitude claiming I left my number on his car because I hit his car. I hung up

(267) 834-0004

FedUpWithThisIdiot said

Who or what the eff is this persistent no-life jackass that calls up to 4 times a day and leaves a silent vm?! Someone kill the effing robocall industry already, JFC!

(843) 496-0008

bleh said

(989) 459-0031


A guy kept saying I want to know who this is. Asked him how can I help you but he kept demanding to know who this was. So I hung up.

(360) 208-0037



(989) 459-0031


A girl kept saying hello hello....then i said how can I help you? She said wait a minute stop talking just let me talk.(with attitude) So I hung up

(603) 965-0084

Digger said

They are using Core Medical you think it is your Dr calling, then start trying to sell you auto insurance

(423) 299-0016

dontcallhere said

got a call just tonight (Sat). don't know anyone in NC, so don't know how they got my number

(267) 834-0064

Jill said

-Male said he was with US Tech Solutions. This #:267-834-0064 is out of PA. US Tech Solutions is in NJ.

(267) 828-0033

NJ said

Its been over a month and they keep calling wven though I called another number it AND texted STOP

(262) 261-0154

hwar said

I asked who is calling... then it appeared that the male caller hung up.

(248) 739-0082

KK said

I manage a Bridal store in Southern California and this weirdo has called us three times over the past nine months (today being the most recent). I was not in the store on the two other days calls have come through, but today I was lucky enough to answer ‘Kimberly Walker’s’ call. Didn’t let him get too far in the conversation though, as soon as he said ‘I am blind and disabled’ I interrupted him and said, ‘Oh yeah! You’ve called here before!’ He immediately hung up. This person surely cannot be looking to sue for discrimanation as their story would never hold up in court (i.e. every post on this site). I think this is a very sick person getting off on making people feel uncomfortable by making vaguely sexual/outrageous comments and seeing what the reaction will be. Very strange.

(248) 739-0082

WV Bridal Shop said

We got a call from "Jane" twice this week and once earlier this year. When "she" called on Tuesday, I was on the phone for over 20 minutes (taking me away from actual customers).I was given instructions to take notes. I knew in my gut this was fishy but played along as to not discriminate anyone who might actually be in this situation or get sued for discrimination. Was told to read back the notes as they inserted creepy comments. Today when they called and started to give me the same story, I said "I actually believe I spoke with you Tuesday and we made you an appointment", they immediately hung up! We now have the number listed by our phone and wont be answering "her" calls.

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