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(515) 758-0109

Caitlin said


(443) 578-0001

scorpion said

looking for phone number address of443 330 2145 who own that phone number please i like to know.

(847) 278-0070

Soterios said

Calls and leaves no message.

(248) 739-0082

Missouri Bridal Shop said

We have experienced this phone call twice. Same exact thing. Blind person looking for a wedding dress... Needed two people in the dressing room with them at all times etc...

(800) 743-5000

Jonathan said

Got another call from these guys. Same pitch.

(520) 265-8770

Cookie said

These people are hackers. They want you to give them access to your computer. I would think they are trying to install a virus to steal from you. Just block them. Don't bother answering.

(219) 728-5121

mr t said

various scam calls seem to be relayed through this number

(254) 693-0100

Vegas Barb said

Vehicle warranty. Oh brother. We have a 2005 Mazda. Probably couldn't get one if we wanted it.

(540) 358-0029


Just got a call from this number for the 1st time, followed by a 2nd and 3rd call immediately after. No voicemails or anything.

(770) 285-0022

Papa E said

I've had several calls from this number. When I answer they say nothing and then hang up. Probably scammers

(303) 351-0221

Roger said

Also received a call after 11:00 PM on a Sunday night from this number. 'Jim' also interested in some property. Phoned back the next morning and 'Jim' told me he did not call. VERY SCAMMY

(303) 351-0221

Gorge said

1:30 am telemarketing realestate

(303) 351-0221

Rachel said

Got a message at 11:00 pm on a Sunday night from this number. "Jim" is interested in some property I have to sell? Gives me a toll-free number to return the call... Feels scammy

(330) 440-0004

Joe said

This is the Tuscarawas County Jail telephone system.

(248) 739-0082


We received a similar prank call at our Bridal Shop. complete with shakin' the booty nonsense. Our consultant put them on hold, and after a minute they just hung up.

(989) 577-0110

Dick said

Got a call, no message, i dont know anyone in MI

(347) 769-7937

ELizabeth said

Received a message from "chase" telling me that their system is down and I should confirm my info.

(210) 485-0004

Ro said

(330) 741-0033

Quincy said

Person said hi. They say who is this i tell this person amd say you may have the wrong number. Not much to this caller

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