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(425) 951-0015

Mike said

Check this article on the guy, he’s already been caught scamming in 2011! Holy shit Dean Hamilton is fucked up

(425) 951-0015

Mike said

This asshole said his name is Dean Hamilton. He mailed my previous employer fake documents from Whatcom County District court, trying to have my wages garnished. I checked with the clerk and I have no cases with the court. I talked to him on the phone and he tried to tell me I was served paperwork in Bellingham in 2012 when I was living in Seattle, I started asking him questions, telling him this wouldn’t hold up in court and he got mad and told me to have my lawyer contact him, and he hung up. I checked my credit report and I have no outstanding debts. After googling his number, I’ve realized he is a DEBT SCAMMER, so WATCH OUT! DEAN HAMILTON IS A HORRIBLE PIECE OF SHIT. Apparently he’s located in burien, so someone better role up on this guy.

(267) 867-0040

John said

Called but didn't leave a message

(740) 630-0019


Unwanted repeated calls, they do not leave a message.

(808) 528-0004

Fourth said

Recieved odd call

(401) 279-0000

Zsck said


(314) 800-0113

Matt said

I continue to get calls from this number, they said the same thing though, it shows PNC Bank and said something about CDs for my daughter for ACT and SAT prep. Says they got the names from those who took the PSAT test. But halfway through the call disconnected, glad I looked though, I know not to answer. They need to be investigated

(989) 459-0031

Angrybird said

Had 2 out of the comments above my brother says it sounds a lot like a prank app

(440) 219-0061

Steven Tory said

Robocall advertising Google business listing placement. Clerk says the company is "BMS" in California. When asked for the address, she hung up. This is not a legitimate company, and is probably a boiler room running numerous scams.

(347) 630-0203

brbmca said

Didn't answer - message left was mostly cut off, only last part received which said 'press the number 2'! Very similar to one in Spanish I'd been getting until I blocked it!

(304) 425-0109

Pauline Fisher said

May I ask who this number is

(248) 739-0082

Salon Coordinator said

This individual called to ask about salon services, booking in advance, specifically body wraps, and how they are performed. I offered a consultation with a therapist and "Jane" was not able to come in. Wanted to speak with a supervisor about the body wrap process and when none were available, hung up on me.

(440) 249-0044

Sandra said

Harassing calls multiple times a day to verify employment after being told MULTIPLE times to stop calling

(248) 739-0082

Bridal shop in OR said

This caller is a jerk. Calls to harass every store I know. Wastes our time and resources, requests every social handling, handicap and Special service you cam imagine. Multiple staff, after hours, the works. Someone needs to take his phone away. I believe he may be part of a scam to sue stores and he gets paid to make these calls.

(248) 739-0082

police contacted said

I have contacted Arvada, CO police and am waiting for an office to contact me. I suggest everyone contact them every time they hear something. The address we all find online is not a real address. Dispatch said it is in the middle of the street so it's not their actual address, but the phone number is theirs.

(248) 739-0082

Bridal store said

01/21/18 This person cracks me up. I called them out for calling before and never returning my email. They said nothing but wanted to give me details. Sure, go for it. I had to go because someone walked in, when in fact no one did. I called back and it went to voicemail. Hoping they call back because I'm going to ask if it is their first time trying on dresses, and if they say no, I'm going to bring up all the posts from this site. I feel sorry for this person because they need help from mental health professionals and we are not the people to help them. Next time they call, just hang up. Like many have mentioned, this would never hold up in court. Do not waste your time. Judge would say there is no proof as no flights were booked to your location, all these websites, and much more!

(989) 459-0031


A guy called me saying he was from Nick's Pizza and needed my address confirmation for delivery.

(805) 436-0003

Quick Brown Fox said

Several calls have arrived from this Oxnard VOIP number. Each time, there is dead silence, followed by a disconnect, when the answering machine picks up. Caller ID identifies the caller as "Los Angeles." Ask yourself: Would a legitimate caller hide behind a fictitious name such as this? I thought not!

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