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(201) 679-0052


Just received the same text message as above. Super weird. Blocked the number

(609) 879-0103

Amber said

They tried taking down my social security number.

(425) 951-0015

jo smith said

He's calling business as well now asking for corporate information. Sounds like a really bad scam and these people know what they're doing. Don't answer.

(602) 544-0008

mom said


(248) 739-0082

New York, New York said

This person called today, 12/23/17 and a couple of months ago. Both times, he has said that he needs 3-4 consultants at a time to assist getting into formal wear. We let him know that one consultant works with a customer, but if she has a personal aid/assistant, they are welcome in the appointment. He also asked how many months in advance that an appointment needs to be made and was told we have availability next week. He replied that he needs several months to coordinate his assistants. When asked when the wedding is, he said September but changed it to October and hung up. After doing some research, this caller is Joseph James Walker age 29. He lives at 7509 West 72nd Street apt 21 in Arvado, CO leased to his mother Kimberly Walker.

(304) 693-0108

WV resident said

Called back blocking our #. Recording says doing SURVEYS (more than 1 type). Says the NO CALL LIST does not effect them. Is annoying as they been calling every day. Best to not answer as they say are not effected by NO CALL LIST. Even then if you ask them not to call, they should quit calling. My experience w surveys is that if they have a male name, sometimes will hang up on lady (especially if in past this lady is quicker to hang up). It probably depends on the survey you were chosen for.

(602) 930-0416

Sandra said

This number keep calling my phone but wont say nothing. How do i find out who it is

(334) 245-0159

Peanut said

Got the same voicemail ... we are going to serve you papers.

(248) 739-0082

Bridal Shop in FL said

Also, if you google this number you get all of his information from voter records including his address. I am keeping it on file just in case

(248) 739-0082

Bridal Shop in FL said

"Jane" left us a bizarre message yesterday on the phone, he has called before so I decided to look up the number and found this. We have received other calls like this before in the past maybe from him or another guy. It is rather unsettling in an industry that is mostly women to have this man calling and creeping people out.

(401) 279-0006

Sm said

Just got this message.. No one says there name it is a recording calls from 401 279 0006. Then tells to call 1 844 671 8837

(270) 713-0006

John said

Aggravating calls from this number, filed complaint to do not call

(504) 264-0033

Elaine said

I cant wait to get my freebie, and samples.Iam a good spokeperson!

(727) 499-0039

Liz said

waited for message to prompt then hung up

(989) 459-0031


A man called with attitude claiming I left my number on his car because I hit his car. I hung up

(267) 834-0004

FedUpWithThisIdiot said

Who or what the eff is this persistent no-life jackass that calls up to 4 times a day and leaves a silent vm?! Someone kill the effing robocall industry already, JFC!

(843) 496-0008

bleh said

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