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(727) 741-0027

N/a said

Not valid

(727) 741-0027

False Report said

Stop posting false reports regarding this number. I suggest you remove these posts, before the authorities are contacted for harassment. You're not fooling anyone hiding behind a fictitious name making false claims. Face the facts. MOVE ON.

(310) 361-0028

gumby said

really weird call... sound demonic...

(515) 208-0012

jeff said

dont know what they wanted, i didnt answer

(623) 242-0017

Wrangler T said

Bogus collection call for an old Verizon phone number. Seriously harrassing call. Trying to get $75 out of me!

(401) 272-0025

Fazz said

Keeps calling and hanging up.. Eats my Cel minutes ??

(904) 508-0050

jan said

called refuses to identify self

(323) 221-0036

Benya said

Female called and said she is from NY Elite Bank. When I tried to get more information what is this call about hanged up on me.

(206) 948-0019

Tom said

Since I did not recognize the number, I simply did not answer. Then I deleted it from my incoming calls missed database. I remembered it only long enough to look it up using Google, which sent me to this website where I am leaving this comment right now. I routinely ignore phone calls from numbers I do not recognize, and heartily recommend to others the very same practice. Have a good day!

(619) 350-7871

Annoyed said

Same as above except when I called back The wine beeped a couple times and then disconnected.

(619) 900-1248

Gary said

5 calls in a row today! What is this?

(619) 478-6153

John K said

Got a call from this number today but nobody said anything so I hung up.

(619) 478-6153

Bob said

Got a call from this number, didn't leave a message.

(619) 350-7871

MB said

This number appears to be bell phone company owned so it may be a pay phone. If you call the number back after getting a call from it the message says call can not be completed and to wait for a representative.

(619) 350-7871

JD said

Missed call message. Nothing connects when dialed.

(602) 918-7119

frank said

yes ii been and keep caling calling again

(619) 350-7871

Tim said

Keeps calling and leaving voicemail with background noise - butt dialling!

(602) 456-0001

Frank said

No message left.

(602) 456-0001

Tracy said

Keeps calling. No voicemail.

(941) 803-3003

Bill said

Whoever this is keeps calling and hanging up.

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