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(360) 209-0029

Arby said

They called today, but I didn't accept it. No message left, so I blocked them. I'm learning if the number isn't from my contacts, I probably don't want to talk with them.

(225) 366-0012

Ricky said

I recieved a call from this number and a area code 205 number within 10 minutes both with this MO

(213) 550-0039

mike said

I get 2 or more calls a day and no one is there, just a computer generated voice that says goodbye when I answer.

(225) 366-0012


Called my cell twice back to back. Answered the second time. Foreigner said, "this is Baton Rouge calling , is this xxx-xxx-xxxx? I asked who was speaking ....they repeated what they said. Again I asked who was speaking...they hung up.

(602) 326-7324

AV said

Please call me again if ur any

(213) 550-0039

guns251 said

this phone calls me every day and when I answer, a computer voice says goodbye then hangs up. when I call it back, it disconnects the call after 30 seconds

(310) 874-0045

lj said

(985) 703-0017

? said

Very Angry Ignorant and Ghetto black female

(772) 564-0049

Waldo said

this number has been calling several times a week for months never leaves a message....some dirt bag solicitor apparently and I am on the DNC

(610) 931-0035

Vic said

called and texted me

(360) 720-0038

uhiop[]\ said

(954) 605-0031

cage said

Jonathan I'm also looking into that number, how long ago did you get the call

(760) 548-0059

Mikey said

Illegal outbound autodialer using Press 1 which was outlawed Sept 2009. I'm going to the FCC with a complaint and suggest all who read this do as well

(904) 806-0019

Janet said

I thought it was an unwanted call. When I checked my voicemail, found out it was a contestant coordinator for a new game show asking if I wanted to come in for an audition.

(727) 822-0012

na said

(215) 254-0019

Em said

(213) 347-0014

cindy said

(949) 374-0036

Mud hole said

There is an ad on craigslist with this as the contact number! The area code for this number is 250 miles away from the alleged town where item is for sale. Guess I won't be calling it!!!!

(714) 800-0015

John said


(310) 361-0037

jp said

caller disconnected as soon as I answered

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