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(571) 261-0021

Bobby said

Yes this morning i get a call it ask me to hold on a man gets on the phone says my name and then hangs up weird don't like it.

(316) 742-0046


"card temporarily limited." text. Asking to call that number. No bank affiliation listed; clearly a scam.

(610) 762-0100

T-and-C said

who is leslie arthur at 610-762-0100?

(219) 926-0100

Lucy said

(602) 326-1716

R said

I get calls, but there is never a message. I get a call or more a week form this and 602-326-1720. I am on a due not call list but that does not seem to matter.

(305) 992-0300

Lotus said

(316) 742-0046

Kim said

Me too, Card deactivation

(240) 577-0045

mj said

(480) 730-0036

registered angel said

If you ever have an opportunity to do work for these people, DON'T. They wrote me a check on a Saturday and already cancelled it Sunday because I had not been there yet. So, these people fired me in less than 24 hours and I had already bought there material. Stay away from them

(316) 742-0046

Brenda said

Also received text saying call this number as my card had been deactivated

(316) 742-0046

Russ said

Text from this number talking about bank card being deactivated.

(858) 956-0023

Miki said

Who is this and why are they calling so much in regard to what

(626) 468-0021

Doug said

Seems to call every three to four days in the early evening. Never leaves a message. Identified as "California"

(858) 956-0023

b said said

They keep calling i dont answer and they wont leave a voicemail.

(956) 821-0032

sarah said

I keep getting calls from this number but no messages

(225) 366-0012

Roxie said

Called my cell. Said the number was from LA. Answered and they said they were calling from Direct Buy. TOld him not interested and to take me off call list.

(818) 333-0030

Joe said

Yep, no message. I'm in New York.

(717) 398-0008

M said

717-398-0008 has called 10 times in the past 2 days. Some calls come as late as 9PM. Caller leaves no message. Attempted to call the number from a different phone and received the voice message: "You are not approved to call this number. Please check your phone book for the correct number."

(717) 212-0015


Same. Didn't say anything.

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