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(818) 261-0001

roger said

Got a reply to my bicycle for sale. California number. I'm from Missouri. Doesn't make sense.

(503) 415-0038

Duane said

Some girl was calling and just started yelling once i said hello. I have no idea who she was

(213) 488-0014

mooer said

This is a cheater company

(310) 258-0014

bluto said

no mssg - "california call"

(818) 605-0024

alan said

calls from this number...maybe craigslist?

(360) 209-0029

Arby said

They called today, but I didn't accept it. No message left, so I blocked them. I'm learning if the number isn't from my contacts, I probably don't want to talk with them.

(225) 366-0012

Ricky said

I recieved a call from this number and a area code 205 number within 10 minutes both with this MO

(213) 550-0039

mike said

I get 2 or more calls a day and no one is there, just a computer generated voice that says goodbye when I answer.

(225) 366-0012


Called my cell twice back to back. Answered the second time. Foreigner said, "this is Baton Rouge calling , is this xxx-xxx-xxxx? I asked who was speaking ....they repeated what they said. Again I asked who was speaking...they hung up.

(602) 326-7324

AV said

Please call me again if ur any

(213) 550-0039

guns251 said

this phone calls me every day and when I answer, a computer voice says goodbye then hangs up. when I call it back, it disconnects the call after 30 seconds

(310) 874-0045

lj said

(985) 703-0017

? said

Very Angry Ignorant and Ghetto black female

(772) 564-0049

Waldo said

this number has been calling several times a week for months never leaves a message....some dirt bag solicitor apparently and I am on the DNC

(610) 931-0035

Vic said

called and texted me

(360) 720-0038

uhiop[]\ said

(954) 605-0031

cage said

Jonathan I'm also looking into that number, how long ago did you get the call

(760) 548-0059

Mikey said

Illegal outbound autodialer using Press 1 which was outlawed Sept 2009. I'm going to the FCC with a complaint and suggest all who read this do as well

(904) 806-0019

Janet said

I thought it was an unwanted call. When I checked my voicemail, found out it was a contestant coordinator for a new game show asking if I wanted to come in for an audition.

(727) 822-0012

na said

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