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(702) 277-0044

CT-resident said

caller ID listed # 702-277-0044 from Aurora, CO, no message left. on days: 8/13 and 8/14/2014

(225) 366-0013

LDK said

Recieved 2 hang up calls from this number. No message left.

(316) 742-0046

Dino said

(316) 742-0046 Scam Scam Scam

(619) 350-7871

Kathy said

Keeps calling our house too. No one ever responds when I say hello.

(316) 251-0039

podunk said

Kansas Sheriffs Association, calling to beg for money - Lyle Lewis is NOT my friend, he keeps waking me up.

(225) 366-0013

M said

Just got a call from this number. Said something about me shopping at Walmart, KMart, or BestBuy. I said I don't and she said she must have a wrong number and hung up.

(760) 748-0030

Anon said


(602) 252-3333

Derek Atlas said

Persistent phone calls made from this number. Some old fag day dreaming about me.

(508) 587-0032

sam said

This was my stepfather and mothers home phone nmbr from 1964 to 1980, when they lived in Brockton. I was curious who had the nmbr these days so I punched it into the web. I guess its up to no good.

(303) 368-0056

D said

Calls from this number every day at roughly the same time, never a person on the other end!!!!

(520) 356-0001

Regina said

Call, ring once, leave no message.

(571) 261-0021

Bobby said

Yes this morning i get a call it ask me to hold on a man gets on the phone says my name and then hangs up weird don't like it.

(316) 742-0046


"card temporarily limited." text. Asking to call that number. No bank affiliation listed; clearly a scam.

(610) 762-0100

T-and-C said

who is leslie arthur at 610-762-0100?

(219) 926-0100

Lucy said

(602) 326-1716

R said

I get calls, but there is never a message. I get a call or more a week form this and 602-326-1720. I am on a due not call list but that does not seem to matter.

(305) 992-0300

Lotus said

(316) 742-0046

Kim said

Me too, Card deactivation

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