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(949) 599-0025


Caller ID showed: Lake Forest(949)599-0025: Caller slow to respond; asks me to confirm my name (he knew my name!!)and I kept insisting he identify who he is...stalled and kept asking me to confirm my name..I WILL NOT! He said his name but wouldn't give company name...finally stated "energy solutions"...I then blew up on him and told him to stop calling, that they were going to be reported & a police report made out...all the time this asshole was giving me a maniacal some type of pe

(321) 302-0034

chuck said

received a call from 321-302-0032 but they didn't leave any message.

(620) 878-0019

nena said

this person is a SCAMMER!! "Selling" 2003 ford f150 around $2245! was told to get more info/photos by emailing many posts on craigslist in different states (los angles,CA. Houston,TX. Bakersfield,CS Greenville,SC. augusta,Al. las vegas,NV much more)

(620) 878-0019

nena said

2003 ford f150 around $2245! was told to get more info/photos by emailing many posts on craigslist in different states

(225) 366-0013

EJJ said

Received a call from 225-366-0013 - sounds like he is from the Middle East and said I won a free prize - I didnt bite and he hung up

(212) 763-0021

Alex said

This sounds like someone we recently terminated from a project with our company. We DO NOT run any outbound calls from this # as it's strictly used for incoming purposes only. This is simply someone trying to slander the business. CloudTweaks Media

(225) 366-0013

MP said

Received a call from this number, didn't recognize it so I didn't pick up. They left no message.

(520) 356-0001

karen said

I have gotten 2 calls from this #. They never leave a message. And don't respond to texts

(225) 263-0078

jaye said

"Hey Its Ashley Stokes. I'm interested in Jam on Walnut. r u?"

(206) 733-0006

Katie Reinert said


(336) 285-0031

Kelly said

(786) 715-0001

noyo said

Wonderful, that's all we need. A society which can only use one word.

(786) 715-0001

debbie said

Yeah, they texted "yo"

(727) 741-0027

N/a said

Not valid

(727) 741-0027

False Report said

Stop posting false reports regarding this number. I suggest you remove these posts, before the authorities are contacted for harassment. You're not fooling anyone hiding behind a fictitious name making false claims. Face the facts. MOVE ON.

(310) 361-0028

gumby said

really weird call... sound demonic...

(515) 208-0012

jeff said

dont know what they wanted, i didnt answer

(623) 242-0017

Wrangler T said

Bogus collection call for an old Verizon phone number. Seriously harrassing call. Trying to get $75 out of me!

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