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(662) 676-0009


I am constantly getting calls from this number. I'm ready to turn this into a legal matter!!!

(435) 618-0115

C Dude said

Getting texts from this number asking my name. Have no idea who it is.

(626) 667-0017

Jon Peters said

They sent me a text sms, wanting to know if my bike was sold. Is is an add I placed on the web adds ine the Quebec Province, Canada. They seems to be from La Puente, California, if true that is ! This is just some commercial company that, once you reply, they want to sell you anything or everything. Just a phishing scam if any ! Don't reply, flush them ! Lost of time !

(715) 573-0057

cheetah said

(270) 535-0004

hey said

who is this person?

(520) 356-0001

JD said

This is a telemarketer - they're hoping you will call them back.

(313) 230-0053

Bri said

This number has been calling me and asking for me several times a day.

(619) 350-7871

Katie said

Caller ID said 619-350-7871 but had another number V82012093200158 above it. I used a reverse phone number app and if you start with the 8 or the 2 it shows a cell number. So I'm guessing it's a scammer. Why can't people just get a real job and stop harassing everyone?

(717) 398-0008

v said

this number calls & calls & calls ! seventeen times in 2 days. getting to be too much.

(949) 599-0028

Stu Pidas said

Calls my new number every few days ... called back ... its a fax line...

(610) 901-0014

joe said

yes, on a regular basis. Reported to the do not call of pa. What good is that list anyway. Looking into legal action at this point.

(818) 314-0019

jim said

weird calls from 818-314-0019

(203) 925-0027

Dick said

Caller hung up as i picked up to answer. What disturbed me was my caller ID screen showed the caller to be "ATT"

(619) 350-7871

rhonda said

(316) 251-0039

I HATE IT said

This guy was very concerned about getting any sort of money for KS State Local Sheriffs department. 1. Scholarship $$$ 2. Benefits $$$ 3. Loss of Job pretection $$$ I said 6 times that I already give to a local fund, and he insisted that I give more, not to my local fund, but to his Association to provide for state wide sheriffs. I told him that in the future that if any Sheriff fund drive is in front of me, I an stepping around it. He got mad and gave me the nice day, "OK"

(808) 792-0052

Big h said

No message left.

(662) 638-0013

vicki said

missed the call t tried calling it back no answer, plz don't call me again .......

(619) 350-7871

Melissa said

When I answered said "Mr. [my last name]?" I said no, there is no Mr. [last name] -- what do you need? He said, "Oh, Melissa, I didn't know you were single." He introduced himself (I didn't catch the name) and then he seemed to be talking to someone else, said, "Oh, that's the one you were telling me about?" And hung up.

(619) 350-7871

aileen said

3x in the last 2 days. no one on their end.

(602) 326-5639

PEPE said

This guy says he is from the better business bureal

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