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(954) 533-0103

Alyson said

I get 5 calls a day from this number. When I try to call back to tell them to stop the recording says the4 number is no longer in service. When I answer it's just silent then a hang up

(213) 375-0002


did not answer. left a message, saying press one, so i can hear the word from god.

(305) 226-0001

s said

Emilia Carretie is bad shit crazy. Get a restraning order

(304) 945-0009

Matt said

Supposedly its for a company called Opti Lease Company ( I was contacted strictly through email, and when I would all the ph#, no one answers. Then when I had an "interview" for a position, it was VERY basic questions, but no info about the job itself. When I asked where the specific location was, "Heidi" stated they were opening a new location in....disconnect call! And of course, when I call back, directly to a voicemail. Needless to say, I am suspect.

(516) 612-0195

Bill said

Caller didn't say anything when I said "hello," and eventually hung up. 25AUG14 11:55 a.m.

(304) 463-0152


Tomas kajus kk 6 rimas

(714) 673-0023

tim said

i ignored this call but what is it?

(818) 261-0042

heather said

not from me you didnt. who are you?

(320) 579-0020

Mandy said

This call was a recording about my credit card being used in weird countries! I don't have a credit card

(760) 940-0160



(315) 285-0019

Leesa said

No message.

(269) 299-0157

Heather said

Yes I receive calls from this number daily!! I'm over it. Tried calling it back and there was a 25 min wait

(206) 414-0223

Private said

Fake IRS number calling in PA do not send money these people are frauds the are not agents and are not police. A million dollars has been collected in this scam hang up they may know some of you social security numbers and your email do not send money they are fake and this is a scam that used threats to get your money !

(203) 691-0191

Nil said


(323) 348-0095

ur daddy said

Ur a bitch...come get it bitch...

(786) 233-7761

Jonathan said

Got a definite SPAM text with this number as the number mentioned to fail... "you have w0n a luxury voyage!". Sure I have. Try again.

(214) 830-0095

JOHN said

Got a call from this number and ask about an item I have for sale on C L,could not make pout what was his purpose. I think he is an advertisement magazine or web site sales-rep. He is weird and rude.BLOCK HIS NUMBER AND DO NOT WAIST YOUR TIME.

(847) 505-0086

Naomi said

Got a call but no text

(714) 980-0020

1rs said

They called left no message. They didn't pick up when I returned the call. Bummer

(714) 980-0020

1rs said

They called left no message. They didn't pick up when I returned the call. Bummer

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