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(239) 216-0003

ice said

(858) 956-0023

Vixter said

Called regarding car insurance wanted email. Asking questions regarding crashes etc. Told him not to call again. I could hear traffic in the background.

(602) 220-0002

ry said

Jst got a call and no message left. Firsat time they have called, who are they?

(520) 356-0001


Rang once and hung up

(276) 321-0019

Me to said

Got a call from this number

(858) 888-0031


This is the message is received via text from this number: MSG#118. This free message from verizon alerting you that your number 7036221092 had recently been recorded starting from February 6/2014 @2am through August 1st/2014 @ 1am eastern time was requested from Washington Gov.//district att./1428. Please call customer care at 1888 294 6824 if you have further question

(234) 738-0032

Steve said

Me too.

(661) 367-1395

Boatman said

Scamer hope u die and burn in hell

(877) 935-2427

Jonathan said

Received a call from this number claiming to be from Card World Account "This is the fraud detection department at BarclayCard calling with an important message regarding your MasterCard World Account. If you are the cardholder please stay on the line and press 1 otherwise have the cardholder call us at 1-877-935-2427. a temporary hold may have been placed on your account and will be removed upon verification of activity." This is definitely a scam - I don't have a BarclayCard or any kind of

(619) 350-7871

steve said

Repeated calls no answer no response when called back

(619) 350-7871

Me said

Keeps calling me on my mobile and does not say anything and then hangs up. I have blocked the caller on my phone.

(520) 356-0001

Will said

They call and dont leave a message

(818) 934-0040

E said

I have a similar story as the post above. No resumes posted anywhere for quite some time, but contacted twice by this company this week. Strange

(305) 226-0001


its a crazy retarded person

(818) 934-0040

Alvaro said

Just got a call from this number, from someone claiming to have seen my resume online and wanting a job interview. They thought I lived in Campbell (CAlifornia). I have not posted my resume online in the last decade, and I am not in a profession where a cold call for an interview takes place.

(602) 456-2396

Joe said

(207) 612-0043

JW said

Not a nasty call, a voice mail that just said hello, hello then hung up...

(904) 508-0027

JenniferK said

We get these calls several times a day, if we don't get to them on time or do not answer it they do not leave a messege. If we do answer it, most of the time there is a recorded messege saying to please stay on the line for an important call. Other times when answered I can hear typing.... And i say Hello repeatedly, but noone says anything, so I hang up. If it were not for the fact, that I live with someone that is hearing sensitive I would use a whistle when they call in. I wish they w

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