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(253) 315-0005

dehiya said


(417) 831-0041

Kitty said

When you call it back it's either busy or a fax machine sound.

(323) 651-0133

MS-13 said

Jonathan? Sounds like the name of a 5-year-old trust fund baby who thinks he is a credible financial consultant. I know who you are mark-ass bitch and I have a hollow-point double tap for your fat head.

(206) 414-0224

Tyrone said

The guy calls claiming to be form IRS "Crime investigation department unit" and makes a claim about owing money and having an arrest warrant. Total SCAM.

(313) 729-0051

Josh said

Me too

(440) 783-0043

Anon said

A piece of shit real estate agent uses this phone to attempt sales contacts. She is not experienced in the business and should not be an agent. She has neglected her children, has domestic violence charges, a suspended license, back child support, filed bankruptcy, just got evicted. Is this someone you want selling you a home?

(808) 523-0100

topaz rain said

getting a lot of calls, no message left!

(281) 427-0036

Dan said

Don't know who this is

(318) 841-0041


Claims they are from Harvard University Press but the phone number is from Shreveport, LA. Woman with a foreign accent wanted to offer us a "free" 60-day trial for a database. I told her we weren't interested.

(715) 701-0017

Sam said

(304) 689-0150

Tony said

Received constant calls and hang ups from this number.

(267) 834-0098

Running Man said

Me too, have a call block on it but was curious

(818) 490-0017

Danny said

I got a call from this number. when I called back the number is not in service

(956) 239-0078

Bob said

Live in Arizona. This number called and hung up.

(206) 414-0022

Private said

A man with a heavy Asian accent said he was calling from the IRS police department and I was under arrest and that I needed to call immediately. The IRS would not work like this. It is clearly a fraud to obtain information to be used to take advatage of a person or to take money from them. Don't give out your information. If you are really under arrest, someone will come to your house and serve you a warrant.

(360) 637-0031

frank said

I am dumber after speaking with that individual who just called me

(405) 646-0035

mommy said

got a call and they didn't leave a message

(440) 378-0034

KLKF said

keep getting one answers

(206) 414-0000

liz said

I got an email say I was approved for a personal loan I never applied for.

(954) 533-0103

Alyson said

I get 5 calls a day from this number. When I try to call back to tell them to stop the recording says the4 number is no longer in service. When I answer it's just silent then a hang up

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